4 days in Paris

4 days in Paris
4 days in Paris
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4 days in Paris (2)
4 days in Paris
4 days in Paris
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Mon Paris (19)
4 days in Paris
4 days in Paris

4 days in Paris (22)

4 days in Paris (4)
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4 days in Paris (7)

After a hectic week with 3 deadlines, I finished my tasks and hopped on a flight to Paris for a press trip organized by the official tourism board of France. My daily program in Paris wasn’t based on tips of any travel guide. Since I know the city so well, I could spontaneously decide where I wanted to go and what I was up to next.

I spent a lot of time walking from one arrondissement to another because walking makes me feel good and it would have been a pity to spend time underground in the metro since the weather was so nice. And as I write this, I am asking myself: Do Parisians enjoy all this beauty around them, or do they take it for granted?

One thing that also helped me very much, which you might want to consider getting for your trips as well, is a SIM card that I bought from Orange. I had a French number and internet everywhere, which helps a lot especially if you have one meeting after another. I downloaded the app citymapper and used it mainly for directions on how to get from one point to another by metro. That made the whole experience of getting around a big city as easy as it can be.

The photos above were taken at Ralph Lauren restaurant, in the streets of Paris while I was doing window shopping, at Angelina tea house and at Ritz Hotel.

Although Paris must be the most beautiful capital city I have ever been in the world, it was yet again the people that I met and the discussions we had that made my visit so special. And the last day of my visit, the day I had to take the train for Loire Valley, I realized that 4 days in Paris weren’t enough. I am afraid that even 14 wouldn’t be…♥

  • Regis Chen

    Thanks for your beautiful description of Paris, and the various points of interest. I happen to be visiting Paris this week so I’ll definitely take up some of your recommendations.

  • I don’t know, but my heart beats faster – whenever I think about Paris! <3 After Vienna, it is scary how much this city means to me.
    Oh yes, citymapper saved my life in London & I will use it in Paris next time. 🙂

  • For me even 5 months weren’t enough to discover all of Paris. My heart aches seeing these photos, because I want to go back so desperately! You captured the city in such a beautiful way.

    • For me, it’s not about discovering. It’s more about experiencing and meeting interesting people! : ) Take care Eline : )

  • These photos are absolutely stunning! I’ve lived in Paris for almost a year and even that isn’t enough yet!!

  • Pavlos Dimitriou

    Tres jolie TVG! Never visited Paris but i’m seriously considering to be my next destination this Autumn. Thanks for the inspiration 😉

    • And if you go, you know that you have to choose the right person to go with…