Top Vienna Wedding Photography 2024

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters: capturing the love, joy, and emotion of your special day. As the new era of 2024 unfolds, Vienna’s iconic wedding photography scene continues to evolve, offering couples an array of picturesque backdrops to set the stage for their love story. In this blog post, we’ll take a peek into the best of Vienna wedding photography, giving you a taste of what your own Vienna wedding ceremony could look like.

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Top Vienna Wedding Photography 2024

Hey there! I’m Silia, your destination couple and wedding photographer in Vienna for those who love adventure and romance. If you’re seeking someone to capture your special moments in a natural and cherished way, without feeling overwhelmed, I’m here for you!

Why choose me as your Vienna wedding photographer? I shoot with love, treating each wedding uniquely. My style is all about natural and timeless shots, and my services are straightforward and transparent. You can relax and enjoy your special day while I take care of capturing every beautiful moment. Let the rest be on me—I’ve got it covered!

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Capture Love in Vienna: Best of 2024 Wedding Photography

Having spent the better part of the last decade behind the lens, I’ve come to deeply understand and appreciate the artistry involved in wedding photography. After all, capturing the perfect shot – that priceless instant where the groom’s eyes welled up with tears, or that joyous moment when the couple breaks into laughter on the dance floor – it’s no small feat. It’s about being at the right place at the right time, armed with the right equipment and the right mindset. But above all, it’s about telling a story, the story of two individuals embarking on a journey of a lifetime together.

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Pretty Love Stories: my wedding photography website

This journey inspired me to create my own platform, Pretty Love Stories, where I can share my passion, expertise, and experiences with couples planning their own Vienna wedding. It’s a labor of love, built upon the foundation of my many years capturing love stories in the romantic city of Vienna. The website is designed to be an interactive space where couples can learn more about the wedding photography process, view my portfolio, and even book their own photo session.

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Silia is a wedding and portrait photographer

Pretty Love Stories is a reflection of my commitment to providing each couple with a unique, customized experience. I believe that every love story is beautiful and deserves to be told in a way that captures its essence and authenticity. Whether it’s an intimate elopement in the cozy corners of Vienna or a grand celebration in one of the city’s historic landmarks, my goal is to bring each couple’s vision to life through my lens.

If you’re planning your own Vienna wedding in 2024 or beyond, I’d love for you to drop by, explore the website, and perhaps, begin the next chapter of your love story with me. Together, let’s create your own pretty love story.

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Best of Vienna wedding locations
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Vienna Iconic Wedding photography locations

Vienna, Austria’s imperial capital, is a city that overflows with romance and elegance, making it the ideal backdrop for any love story. Each street and landmark brims with history, beauty, and an unspoken promise of unforgettable moments. Let’s uncover some of the city’s most iconic locations that have repeatedly made their way into my wedding photography.

Schönbrunn Palace: First up, we have Schönbrunn Palace, an iconic symbol of Vienna’s rich history. Its vast, beautifully manicured gardens and the magnificent baroque palace make a perfect setting for those grand, royal-inspired shots. As a photographer, I’ve always found the golden hues of the palace, especially during the sunset, an enchanting backdrop that adds a magical touch to any photo.

Belvedere Palace: Next, we have the Belvedere Palace. Can you imagine saying your vows or having your first dance as a married couple amidst the reflective pools, intricate statues, and the panoramic view of Vienna? The palace’s ethereal beauty lends itself perfectly to capturing tender moments and sweeping landscape shots that scream romance.

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Best of Vienna wedding locations

Rathaus: Then we have the Vienna City Hall – Rathaus. Its gothic architectural style and grandeur serve as an impressive background for any wedding shoot. I particularly love how the myriad of arches, stairways, and beautiful exterior details add a regal, timeless feel to the photos.

Top wedding venues in Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral: And how can we forget St. Stephen’s Cathedral? Its ornate detailing, striking tile roof, and towering presence offer a blend of elegance and grandeur that is quintessentially Vienna. It’s a place where the city’s rich past meets the promise of your future, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Danube River: Last, but certainly not least, we have the Danube River. With its sparkling waters and the charming cityscape of Vienna in the backdrop, it paints a romantic setting like no other. Sunset shots here, with the golden light dancing on the water, are my personal favorites.

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Pretty love Stories
Vienna based photographer, Silia Eleftheriadou

Vienna, with its endless array of stunning locations, offers the perfect canvas to capture your love and celebration. Whether you prefer the opulence of a palace, the tranquility of a park, or the vibrancy of a modern architectural marvel, Vienna has it all.

These iconic locations, each with their unique charm and ambiance, are waiting to be part of your love story. And as your Vienna photographer, I can’t wait to bring your wedding dream to life in this enchanting city.

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Silia is a wedding and portrait photographer
Silia is a wedding and portrait photographer

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Robyn Davie
Hi Silia! I just wanted to pop in and say a HUGE thank you for the amazing images you took of us in Vienna! I have been absolutely blown away by how lovely each pic is, how much variety there is, and how kind and accommodating you were during the shoot! Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️
Erikka Hammer
My husband and I reached out to Silia back when we were living in Vienna to remember our time! She was my favorite photographer and sent us so many photos to choose from! We definitely hope to reach out again if and when we find ourselves in Vienna!
Eirini Vogiatzopoulou
After searching high and low for the perfect photographer, we finally found our match in Silia! It was like finding a hidden treasure. Silia's talent and passion for photography truly set her apart. From the moment we connected, we knew she was the one we had been searching for. Her portfolio spoke volumes, and her warmth and professionalism sealed the deal. Working with Silia was a dream come true, and the results exceeded our wildest expectations. If you're on the hunt for an exceptional photographer, look no further – Silia is the gem you've been searching for.
Ratinee Wongtaveesuklert
Silia is a true pro. She’s really easygoing and her warmth put me at ease during the photo sessions. With loads of experience under her belt, she gave great tips on what colours to wear and how to strike the best poses on the day. And let me tell you, the photos are just stunning. They’re not only beautiful but also top-quality, preserving the day forever. I’d absolutely recommend Silia without hesitation!
Chiara Fantauzza
Silia is an absolute star with a camera! She's super talented and totally committed to her photography. Working with her was a breeze – she's friendly, creative, and really knows her stuff. Silia nailed every shot at our event, going above and beyond what we hoped for. We're so grateful for the amazing memories she's captured for us. If you want a photographer who'll blow you away, Silia's the one to go for.
Melissa Legner
Silia was attentive, detail oriented and very organized in her work. Not only did she make me feel at ease during my photo session she was able to assist me afterwards when I couldn't find my photo library. Thankfully she had a backup and sent me the files again! Lifesaver!
Ioanna Lytra
Silia is an amazing photographer! She's really talented and passionate about what she does. Working with her was a breeze – she's professional, creative, and super friendly. Silia perfectly captured the vibe of our event, exceeding all our expectations. We're so thankful for the beautiful memories she gave us. If you want a photographer who'll blow you away with their skills and dedication, Silia's your go-to person.
Silia is an absolute gem of a photographer! From the moment we booked her for our wedding, she made us feel at ease and confident that our special day would be captured perfectly. Her talent behind the lens is truly remarkable, and she has a knack for capturing the most beautiful and candid moments effortlessly. The quality of her work speaks volumes, and we couldn't be happier with the stunning photos she delivered. Silia exceeded all our expectations, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer who truly cares about their craft and capturing memories that last a lifetime. Thank you, Silia, for making our wedding day even more magical!
Arina Maria
I am blown away by Silia‘s talent! 📸 She has this amazing way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, resulting in the most natural and beautiful shots 😍 Whether it's capturing precious moments with loved ones or creating stunning portraits, Silia is simply the best. If you want photos that truly reflect the essence of the moment, Silia is the photographer for you!
Lisa Maria Liakopoulos
Imagine booking a family photo session in Vienna that turns into an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, love, and timeless memories. That's exactly what you'll get with Silia behind the lens! 📸 Silia has a knack for capturing the genuine connection and joy between family members, creating photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Don't miss out on the opportunity to document your family's story with Silia's expertise and passion for photography.

Silia Eleftheriadou: Fine art Wedding photographer in Vienna

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