Weekend in Athens

Athens travel tips the viennese girl blog (8)

The last weekend of October I found myself in Athens much earlier than expected thanks to #theathensworld team who invited me to celebrate the World Cities Day together with them and many other Instagrammers.  

Miami travel tips

miami travel tips

Before I got to Miami, I did a research on Google for Miami travel tips of bloggers who reside in the city and I hardly found something. So, here are a few travel tips, based on my experiences in the city.  

Breakfast at Nascha’s

Breakfast at Nascha's  Vienna Wien restaurant tips The viennese girl blog

All the last posts on The Viennese Girl blog were related to travel, as I had the good fortune to wander out of Vienna pretty much during all of the summer months. Here is, however, one more of those Vienna tips I like to share with you…  

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