From LA to Vienna

from LA to Vienna NIALAYA by Silia  (2)

When I was about 13 years old, I hadn’t travelled abroad but had friends all over the world. Now you might wonder, how can this happen. Well, I was learning English in a private school and the teachers motivated us to have pen pals, so that we could practice our English with them. This is […] 

Picture of the week

picture of the week

Since I take so many photos every day, I thought I should pick my favorite and publish it on the blog as the “picture of the week”. Hmmm, it can evolve as a series on the blog.  

Onyx Bar

onyx bar vienna (7)

I was around the center of Vienna and the cold temperature made me crave for something sweet, so this is how I ended up this time at Onyx Bar. And since I like to share all those places I visit on The Viennese Girl blog with you all, I took some pictures, so that you can see how it looks, just in case you haven’t visited Onyx bar yet.  


stadtpark vienna wien

When in summer people lay down on the grass and you can hardly find a bench which is not occupied, in winter the scenery changes and on days like those we are going through this week, the biggest park in the center of Vienna turns into a wonderland and I absolutely enjoyed my leisurely walk.  

Le Bol

LE BOL BY SILIA VIENNA the viennese girl blog  (6)

Cold temperatures in January kept me indoors, and often under my duvet. The university exams kept me reading the books I wasn’t really interested to read. On the top of that, I had some extra assignment deadlines to meet. Those are the reasons that kept me far from The Viennese Girl blog for a while. That’s why it has been a bit quiet here lately. But now I am back again with my favorite French bistro in Vienna, called Le Bol.  

Made in Austria

fashion blog vienna

This blog post is made in Austria by the Italians and it took us half of the day to have the result that you see above. Who said taking nice pictures is easy? Not at all! It takes a lot of time and it is hard work.  

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