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Wild at heart

wild at heart
wild at heart

wild at heart

wild at heart
wild at heart

The owners of this flower shop didn’t complain about the fact that we were taking so many photos of their beautiful flower stand, (maybe they are used to it?) in comparison to the strange reaction of some Vienna flower shop owners who are nagging at us anytime we want to take even just one little picture (oh, yes, let´s be honest, they do). And that’s also one of the reasons I decided to feature Wild at heart on The Viennese Girl (TVG) blog. Not only because I think it must be one of the most beautiful flower shops I´ve ever seen, but also because they let us photograph it.

If you are thinking of visiting London and you love flowers, don’t forget to check out Wild at Heart. This dreamy flower shop situated at the main entrance of the shopping store Liberty London, close to Oxford street, will make your heart skip a beat. Unfortunately we didn‘t have the time to enter the shopping mall but I plan to do it next time. The next meeting was set up for lunch at the Aqua Shard with the team of Samsung Austria.

Oh by the way, if anyone out there would love to send me flowers, should consider to purchase them from Wild at heart, haha just sayin’. ♥

London calling

London calling
London calling

London calling – At the end of March, I was one of the lucky persons to travel to London with the team of Samsung Austria for the launch of their new Galaxy S8. I didn’t take many pictures this time because the trip was short, but I truly enjoyed sunny London in the very good company of Samsung’s Austria team. The presentation and the party for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 was held right on the first day of our arrival in London. Apart from that function, we also had some time to stroll around the city and visit a few of my favorite spots. I’ve been to London many times before but for some reason, this time it felt like I loved it a little bit more. We have been very lucky with the weather. Can’t tell you enough how nice it was to amble and take photos without freezing in a city in full bloom. London in April can be truly beautiful.

I’ve been a Samsung Galaxy user since 2014. Mostly because of my demanding work, I feel like I have to update my phone every year with the new model that’s out in the market. Between the S8 and S8+, I think I am going to opt for the Galaxy S8+ (with a cute pink case) because I use my smart phone as if it was my computer. I also need it to have a big screen, as well as for it to be handy and practical. Can’t wait to test the new camera and all the new features. For all of you who are asking which gadget I use for taking photos for my Instagram, you now know the answer. The new Galaxy S8 will come out in Austria on the 29th of April. Exciting, no?♥

Weekend in London

I receive many emails per day but some of them are just a little bit more special than the others. One of those special emails was written by FoodieHub  inviting me for a weekend in London to represent Vienna! Can you imagine my facial expression every time I see those special emails? First reaction: oh, wow, no, I don’t believe it. This cannot be true!

You know that I am referring to all those things that are too good to be true, all those things that are hard to believe that is happening to YOU!

But then it happened! Last weekend I joined about 50 other international bloggers in London and altogether we visited the best restaurants. What a weekend! I spent three nights at the super stylish Hoxton Hotel, visited amazing restaurants such as The Quality Chop House and St.John BREAD and WINE, met so many other interesting bloggers from all over the world. Everything was just perfectly organized thanks to the whole team of Foodiehub who did their best for us to assure that we had a wonderful time in London. We had a plan to follow, as I said everything was organized, but I skipped some things and took my time to stroll around the city and breathe some London air. I visited my favourite places such as Covent Garden, Old Spitalfields market, Millennium Bridge and of course my favourite Columbia road flower market! Thank you FoodieHub for this amazing opportunity and for the amazing weekend I had in London. ♥

Columbia Road flower market

travel blog the viennese girl

travel blog the viennese girl
travel blog the viennese girl

travel blog the viennese girl

travel blog the viennese girl
travel blog the viennese girl

Columbia Road flower market (10)travel blog the viennese girl

Columbia Road flower market (12)
Columbia Road flower market (19)

Columbia Road flower market (7)

I read about it somewhere on the web, like you do now, and I knew that I shouldn’t miss it. During my stay in London I visited the Columbia Road flower market which takes place on Sundays. I got off at the Hoxton Overground Station and walked towards Columbia road. I haven’t seen something like that ever before. All kinds of flowers. Lavender, orchids, roses, tulips, colours and smells everywhere. I was lost in the most beautiul flower market I’ve ever been.
-“What about a smell, madame?” asked the flower seller.
-“Yes,sir!” I said.

Dear London

Dear London,

It’s been 12 years since the last time I visited you and I had that feeling that it was time for me to come back to you.

Although it’s been such a long time, I still remember some of the most famous spots around the city such as Oxford street, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Big Ben, and London Bridge. But do you know what the most beautiful memory of my first visit is? The theatre and the musical “Cats”. I would pay again to see the same musical in the same city and listen to that song which goes like “Midnight, not a sound from the pavement, has the moon lost her memory?”.

On my second visit to that beautiful city, I had more time to explore and discover. But London, I have to say this. You are expensive. You are more expensive than New York and Paris. I mean, I knew that you would be expensive but didn’t imagine that you would be that expensive. Anyway, I still like you. You have been nice to me and I had a wonderful time walking around the streets and avenues.

Those who follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen some photos. Let me take you to the London city, through the lens of my camera.

Although I wasn’t so well organized because some days before my travel my arm was aching and I couldn’t stand in front of the pc doing the research I should have done, I managed to visit the following spots:

Covent garden / Trafalgar square / Camden Market / Old Spitalfields Market / Flower Market on Columbia Road / Notting Hill and portobello road / Big ben / London eye / Harrods / London Bridge / Borough Market / Soho / Piccadilly circus / British Museum

Some observations:

1.Everywhere at all hours I was listening to people speaking italian. What’s going on here? Where are the Londoners? It seems that Italians occupied the London city.

2.Nowhere in the world I have seen that sign in front of the traffic lights “look right/look left”. That was really funny and useful although pedestrians didn’t respect the red and green.

3.Around 20 degrees Celsius in July. Does summer ever come to that city? Visit Greece on July and you will understand what I mean.

4.The English pronunciation is to die for. They talk and I feel amazed.

5.Thanks to Starbucks, we have free wifi and can charge the empty batteries of the camera.

All my best,