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Vienna in April

The viennese girl best travel blog
The viennese girl best travel blog

With all those flowers and trees blooming around me it was impossible not to take some pictures of Vienna in April. I was thinking all the time that spring in Vienna with all those cherry blossom trees and all kinds of flowers is actually a very good reason for foreigners to visit the city.

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The viennese girl best travel blog
The viennese girl best travel blog

But if you come to Vienna in April for the flowers, which by the way also smell damn good, you have to know where to find them. Since I have lived here for many years now, it wasn’t difficult for me to spot them.

The viennese girl best travel blog
Vienna photography
Vienna photography
Vienna photography

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The photos above were taken at Burggarten, Volksgarten and Stadtpark. They are to my eyes more like paintings than photos. It is like someone has drawn them. Similar photos (or paintings) from last year’s spring you can find here.

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vienna in april (13)Once, I recall, they called me pastries photographer, now they will probably call me flower photographer, but in the reality what I really love taking photos of is this. Now I am leaving you for a couple of days. I am invited to paradise, also known as Greece, for a press trip.

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I love Vienna

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Why do I love Vienna?

Ouuui….At the beginning, it was love at first sight, and you cannot always explain it when you have a crush on something. Now it has turned into a long lasting relationship which doesn’t fade away with the passing of the years.

This is one my favorite posts of this blog. Photos of this blog post document some of my favorite spots of the city and some of the things I really fancy to do.

♥ I like roaming through the alleyways of the centre, those alleyways, although being in the centre of the city, has no tourists. I even twirl around sometimes…

♥ I love drinking a warm Orangenpunsch at Vienna’s most elegant café, at Café Mozart. Especially when it’s cold outside and the sky is grey.

♥ Oh my God, a piece of Greece in the middle of Vienna. In the Volksgarten you can find the Theseus Temple. Every time I visit this Temple, I feel like, hmmm, like being home. I feel like a Greek Goddess.

♥ Do you know what is Bougatsa and where you can find it in Vienna? Bougatsa is a Greek pastry which has sweet custard filling, it can be chopped into small bite-sized chunks and it is sprinkled with powdered sugar. Did you start drooling? I know that feeling very well, so I am going to share my secret with you. There is a Greek Bakery in the centre of Vienna and it is called Pnyka. In the Pnyka bakery shop you can also find some other mouthwatering Greek products, like tiropita and ION chocolate!!

♥ It’s impossible to come across a Fiat 500 without stopping and start taking pictures. If I could, I would wrap it like if it were a present and would bring it home.

Neuer Markt is one of the oldest plazas in Vienna and one of my favorite spots of the city. There is a very beautiful fountain in the middle called Thunder Fountain. Around the square you can find the Capuchin Church, hotels and bars, and my favourite French Bistro, Le bol! There is also something that I don’t like and I have to write it down with the hope that someone will read my little complaint and do something about it. There are so many cars in this plaza. Such a beautiful plaza ended up being a parking place. Unbelievable!

♥ And last but not least, write down those two words: Carbonara Salmone. For the delicious Carbonara Salmone, I go to Vapiano. There are 6 vapiano restaurants in Vienna. I only go to the one in Walfischgasse 11.

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