Spring in Vienna

Spring in ViennaSpring in Vienna

I spent about one hour taking photos of those gorgeous flowers in Burggarten the other day and wouldn’t mind spending one more hour if I didn’t have to go to an appointment. I had the perfect afternoon light and the perfect flowers in front of me. Luckily, I also had my camera with me.

I spotted them unexpectedly! But I can recall, they were there, at the same place, last year as well. If you see the peonies in Burggarten, you cannot just ignore them and walk past. I wasn’t the one who was taking pictures of them. They must be one of the tourist attractions during spring in Vienna, I guess.

Spring in ViennaWhat to do during Spring in Vienna?

Take a springtime stroll through Vienna’s most beautiful parks. Check out the Peonies in Burggarten!

Located in the heart of the city, Burggarten is one of Vienna’s most beloved parks. In the springtime, the park comes alive with colourful flowers and blooming trees. Visitors can take a stroll through the park or relax on one of the many benches. Burggarten is also home to several important monuments, including a statue of Mozart.

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Peonies blooming in Burggarten

Spring in Vienna: The peonies of Burggarten

Many people flock to the Burggarten in Vienna during springtime to see the peonies that bloom, but it’s not just this wonderful flower that makes the experience worthwhile. The entire park comes alive during this time of year with vibrant colors, lovely scents, and so much more! You’ll be amazed by what you discover when you visit the peonies in Burggarten during Springtime!

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Peonies blooming in Burggarten

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Peonies blooming in Burggarten

Each year in early Spring, you’ll find an astounding number of Peonies blooming in Burggarten. The sheer volume of these beautiful flowers makes them impossible to miss, but they are also so much more than just a visual spectacle that you can admire from afar.

By standing near these flowering bushes and inhaling deeply, you’ll find yourself surrounded by their sweet scent – and by walking between the rows, you’ll be able to feel their petals brush against your skin!

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Peonies blooming in Burggarten

Sadly enough, they will wither soon but then we will have the flowers in Volksgarten if my memory doesn’t fool me from last year.

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