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Top Marrakech travel tips

Top Marrakech travel tips

Top Marrakech travel tips

Nowdays there is so much content out there. If you google Marrakech travel tips, you will find at least 10 other blog posts with pretty much the same content haha. My thoughts about this: I don’t want to let that stop me from doing what I am doing. I will keep on doing it, for the pleasure of doing it. Also, Marrakech travel tips may be more or less the same, but photos won’t be the same! So here are MY TOP Marrakech travel tips. Must read before you go.

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Top Marrakech travel tips

Top Marrakech travel tips

Marrakech, where vibrant culture meets bustling markets and stunning architecture, welcomes you with open arms. Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with rich experiences and vibrant colors!

Why choose Marrakech for your next adventure? From the enchanting maze-like streets of the Medina to the breathtaking beauty of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural wonders that will leave you spellbound.

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Top Marrakech travel tips

WHERE TO STAY – Best riads in Marrakech 

Marrakech boasts some of the most enchanting riads, offering a true taste of Moroccan hospitality. Check out these top picks for an unforgettable stay:

Numa MarrakechLa Sultana MarrakechTarabel Marrakech / Royal Mansour / La Mamounia

WHERE TO GO – Sightseeing in Marrakech

Explore the rich history and vibrant culture of Marrakech through its iconic sights:

Jardin Majorelle / YSL museum/ Bahia Palace / Le Jardin Secret / Cactus Thiemann / Medresa Ben Youssef

Where to shop – top shopping stores in Marrakech

Indulge in some retail therapy at Marrakech’s best shopping destinations:

33 rue majorelle /  Max and Jan concept store

Where to eat – best eateries in Marrakech

Experience the flavors of Morocco at these top restaurants:

Le Jardin Marrakech / Nomad Marrakech / I limoni / Trattoria Marrakech / Terrasses des epices / La famille Marrakech / La table du Palais in Palais Lamrani

Top Marrakech travel tips: What to buy

Take home a piece of Marrakech with these must-buy items:

Home accessories / Straw bags / Moroccan Babouche shoes / Moroccan teapot / Rugs and carpets

Top Marrakech travel tips: Where to go for coffee

Relax and recharge at these cozy cafes:

Shtatto Marrakech / Atay cafe / Le Grand Balcon du Cafe Glacier for the view to the famous square / Cafe des epices / Amandine Marrakech

Top Marrakech travel tips

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Top Marrakech travel tips
Top Marrakech travel tips

Top Marrakech travel tips

Top Marrakech travel tips


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Top Marrakech travel tips

Top Marrakech travel tips

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