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My Thomas Sabo moments

My Thomas Sabo moments
My Thomas Sabo moments

My Thomas Sabo moments

Last week while in Paris, I gave myself a photography assignment: to photograph my new Thomas Sabo watch everywhere in the city. Because if not in Paris, then where else?

Paris gave me so much inspiration and all those fall colours made me want to shoot non-stop all around the city. The doors, the Parisian bistros, the Seine, the parks…pretty much everything was an ideal background for what I had in my mind.

My Thomas Sabo moments

Not all the photos ended up in this blog post. I was strict with my final selections, as always, and only published my favorite shots. I hope you like them because honestly speaking, I do love them; both the photos and my new Thomas Sabo watch.


This “rebel spirit” watch from Thomas Sabo is actually a watch for men. But I selected it because I prefer the larger size watches over the smaller ones. Plus, you can also share it with your boyfriend.





Paris photos

My Thomas Sabo moments

Let me tell you a few words on how and where my photo assignment was executed. The first two photos were taken during my visit to Jardin du Luxembourg. The ones that follow were taken at the Pont Marie on our way to the cafe Le Saint Regis. The third photo session was held at the table of the Cafe in front of a variety of French cheese and white wine. And the last two photos were taken at the garden of my favourite restaurant, Ralph Lauren, in Saint Germain. And of course, I need to thank my friend Edisa for the support. I couldn’t have done all this without her.

Paris photos
Paris photos

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Paris photos
Paris photos

Watch: “Rebel Spirit” Thomas Sabo – White blazer/grey coat: Oui

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