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Bonjour Vichy

Bonjour Vichy

Bonjour Vichy!

Bonjour Vichy
beauty tips the viennese girl blog

My favorite mornings are definitely not the ones having me jump from bed and 10 minutes later running to catch the next bus (actually happens). My favourite mornings are those when I have the privilege to sleep enough and lie on bed stress free a little after I wake up, have shower, enjoy breakfast and kick off the day with my morning routine in order to feel good with myself for the day.

beauty tips the viennese girl blog

In this blog post, I wanted to create a visual story about those favorite mornings where I indulge in a morning beauty routine before stepping out of home. While taking those photos, I was thinking that I have been using Vichy products since my days in high school. They have been my loyal friends throughout the past years.

beauty tips the viennese girl blog
beauty tips the viennese girl blog

beauty tips the viennese girl blog


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It was fun taking those photos because I love product photography. I intentionally made the photos bright, so they reflect the cleanness and freshness that Vichy products bring to the skin, AND they match perfectly to our bathroom. Bonjour Vichy.

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Helianthus annuus

Helianthus annuusHelianthus annuus

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

Helianthus annuus aka sunflowers. Have you ever stopped the car suddenly, pulled it up to the side of the road and jumped into a field of joyous Helianthus annuus?
In Burgenland we found many endless sunflower fields on our way and as they are during the peak of summer, we didn’t want to miss the chance of snapping some photos among the yellow, cheery flowers.
My only concern was the bugs, the bees, all the possible insects and my biggest fear was the snakes but in the end everything went smoothly and we had some amazing pictures with a spectacular background. I just love to take pictures in the most incredible amazing places.♥

“If I were a flower.. I would be a sunflower. To always follow the sun, turn my back to darkness, stand proud, tall and straight even with my head full of seeds.”- Pam Stewart

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