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That I would find myself in NYC at the beginning of March…not even in my craziest dreams! But then again, reality often surprises us pleasantly when you expect it least and often surpasses our craziest dreams.

This was my second time in NYC. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine and I booked tickets to discover The Big Apple. We spent one week doing sightseeing. We literally saw everything in Manhattan by walking down all the streets and avenues. In order to feed our curiosity, we even went to Brooklyn and Astoria because we never knew if we would ever have the chance again to come back.

Back then, I was the typical tourist doing all the touristy stuff and Instagram didn’t exist.


Samsung Austria Launch Event

This time, I visited NYC with Samsung Austria for their new QLED TV launch event. It was a completely different experience. Samsung Austria always plan the coolest things. How do I know that? You may remember that last year I also travelled with Samsung Austria to London and Paris. Therefore I was more than happy to join the team once more and jumped on a plane to JFK airport that very Saturday morning.

I decided to fly to NYC three days before the Press event began. The first three photos were taken at Hannah’s apartment, the place where I stayed the first two nights. I never thought that I would ever have the chance to stay in an apartment in Manhattan. I don’t know why exactly but I felt like that this could only happen in the movies and not in real life.

I spent the weekend with Hannah and her family, and also met Reed and his friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome in NYC. I also enjoyed a little me time and went for a walk on my own on the Brooklyn Bridge and then back to the hotel on foot.

Samsung QLED TV Event 

On the first day of the press trip, Samsung took us on a boat tour on the Hudson river. Right after that, we visited the Samsung 837 Flagship Store in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan where we spent about one hour trying out virtual reality. We took part in interactive art installations, and saw a larger-than-life, three-story screen. It was actually a space where they show you how to do more than you thought possible using the Samsung devices. It’s a really impressive space that I would recommend you visit if you find yourself in Manhattan.

On the second day of the press trip we headed to the American Stock Exchange Building for The First Look Event. Through a keynote and various presentations, we found out that Samsung QLED TV was made for more than simply watching. Samsung aim to provide various TV experiences, tailored to diverse lifestyles so that every moment spent at home is a new adventure. For more details, please check this link here.

Manhattan best travel tips

Maybe it’s not fair to compare and say this, but if I want to be completely honest with you I liked my second visit to NYC a little bit more than my first. Remember, it’s never the place itself, it’s always the people you meet and spend time with that make the trip so special.

From a photography point of view, NYC was overwhelming and trying to create quality content to feed the TVG photography blog, the IG account and the IG stories was quite challenging. As a result, there are not so many photos here. But you can find more, as always on Instagram.

Manhattan best travel tips

A list of the restaurants and cafes that I visited and fell in love with

Cecconi’s Dumbo New York / Crosby Street Hotel / Sadelle’s / Morgenstern’s ice cream parlor/ Freemans Restaurant / Cha Cha Matcha / Supermoon Bakehouse / Keens steakhouseThe Butcher’s Daughter / The Standard Grill / The bar room at the Temple Court

Now that I found my favorite spots in the city (and got a little bit addicted to them)…can we please go back? My mind is seriously playing with the idea of attending a Photoshop course in Manhattan

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28 things to do in New York

28 things to do in New York

28 things to do in New York:

1.    Having the feeling that everything is possible in a city that never sleeps.

2.    Straying into the streets like a lost tourist and out of the blue starting to take part of a film like a background actor. Am I going to be a famous??? Is Brad Pitt somewhere here?

3.    Going from Manhattan to Brooklyn walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, especially when it is time for the sun to go down and the sky becomes something a rainbow of purple pink red and orange …

4.    Going for a stroll in Dumbo and Brooklyn heights and wondering how life should be for a New Yorker?

5.    Visiting the Victoria’s secret shop in Valentine’s Day while listening to Whitney Houston sings loudly that she will always love you and thinking about my significant other.

6.    Giving myself a chance to a frenetic shopping on the 5th Avenue following in the footsteps of Carrie Bradshaw.

7.    Having an Italian dinner in the EATALY restaurant. But don’t make the hilarious mistake that I made myself to ask somebody where is EATALY, cause you will get the answer that EATALY is not in Manhattan but in the north of the Europe!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!

8.    Eating cheeseburgers and delicious fries in the hidden Burger Joint behind the curtain in the 56th Street or in the Shake Shack in the heart of Battery Park City although I have to wait in a long queue.

9.    Ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

10.    Having a Sunday brunch at Red Rooster in the heart of Harlem or at the French Bistro Pastis on the 9th Avenue.

11.    Visiting the Museum of modern art MOMA and having a lunch at its own restaurant The Modern. Besides the MOMA, I also like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

12.    Taking a bus without having an idea of where it will go. But just be careful that it won’t bring you to the Bronx in the middle of the night.

13.    Visiting Columbia University and all of a sudden finding out that the persons mentioned in the main building are the Greek philosophers.

14.    Trying to understand how the metro works.

15.    Trying to understand where all these persons come from. Is anybody here 100% real New Yorker?

16.    After midnight shopping at Times square…I love you FOREVER 21.

17.    Eating cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery. Oh my God, which one should I choose?

18.    Admiring the architecture of the Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and the Woolworth Building and looking at the scenic view from the 102nd floor Observatory of the Empire State building.

19.    Having a coffee or hot caramel chocolate in one of 129 Starbucks Coffee stores.

20.    Needless to talk about the Statue of liberty. Taking the boat which departs from the Battery Park should belong to every tourist’s program who respect it.

21.    Visiting the china town, having a pizza at Lombardi’s in Little Italy, shopping and gallery hopping in Soho and Tribeka.

22.    Having a coffee in the Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village and definitely having a dinner at the Spice Market in the Meatpacking district.

23.    Relaxing in The High Line Park with views of the Hudson River. It is surprising that in this park dogs are not allowed but there is always a reason.

24.    Studying in the New York public library at 42nd Street.

25.    What about a fashion week in the Lincoln Centre?

26.    Enjoying a drink at the rooftop bar at 230 Fifth.

27.    Taking Citibike to the Riverside Park.

28.    Listening to the song of frank Sinatra “Start spreading the news, I am leaving today, I want to be a part of it “while having picnic in the Central park. Visiting the park on foot or by bicycle, both of them are beautiful ideas.

Those were my 28 things to do in New York!

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