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Chanel: new boutique in Vienna

Chanel: new boutique in Vienna

Chanel: new boutique in Vienna

I have always been an admirer of the Chanel Fashion House. An invitation to explore the Chanel new boutique in Vienna together with some other editors and journalists one day before the official opening was honestly something I never thought that would happen.

Chanel: new boutique in Vienna
Chanel: new boutique in Vienna

A First Look at Chanel’s New Boutique in Vienna

On the 8th July, the meeting started with breakfast at Julius Meinl am Graben. Later on, the Chanel staff welcomed us in the boutique with champagne and macaroon and showed us around the entire store. I was totally in my element. Clothing, jewellery, a double C monogram everywhere, the newest creations of Karl Lagerfeld and an interior design inspired by the apartment of Chanel in Paris, on Rue Cambon 31.

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Chanel: new boutique in Vienna

Instead of making myself comfortable on the tweed-sofa, flipping through Gabrielle’s Chanel book, eating macarons and sipping champagne, I grabbed my photo camera and started taking pictures.

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Chanel: new boutique in Vienna
Chanel new boutique in Vienna (17)

A New Beginning: Chanel Opens a Boutique in Vienna

I thoroughly immersed myself into the elegant universe of Mademoiselle Chanel. I loved each and every moment spent inside the new boutique. Although I felt a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, because I didn’t know from where exactly to start taking photos. I needed a few minutes to realise where I am, what is happening and get familiar with this beautiful space.

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Chanel new boutique in Vienna (22)

Introducing the New Chanel Boutique in Vienna

I am glad that I am able to give you a sneak peek into the new Chanel boutique. But I also highly recommend you to visit the new Chanel boutique (and the old one) by yourself, if you happen to be in Vienna or you plan to visit Vienna.

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Chanel new boutique in Vienna (12)
Chanel new boutique in Vienna (16)Chanel new boutique in Vienna (18)

The new Chanel boutique in Vienna is a must-see for fashion lovers

So that you can discover what I had the chance to discover myself. And if you are really into the history of fashion, I suggest you to watch some videos that tell the story of a legend, which I personally found very interesting.

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Chanel new boutique in Vienna (20)

Chanel new boutique in Vienna (13)
Chanel new boutique in Vienna (28)

The Viennese Girl blog Austria

When it comes to luxury fashion, the name Chanel is synonymous with the best the industry has to offer. The new Chanel boutique in Vienna offers customers the same quality products and luxury experience as other Chanel stores around the world, but in an Austrian setting that also means providing top-notch customer service in German and English, as well as offering products that have an Austrian flair such as leather jackets and wool sweaters.

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The Viennese Girl blog Austria
The Viennese Girl blog Austria

Vienna’s Newest Hot Spot: The Chanel Boutique

I left the Chanel boutique with a small yet fine press gift, feeling inspired and reflecting on three things. First, on my personal style. Second, on the ballerinas shoes that I have been coveting for so long and finally must treat myself as the next Christmas gift. And last but not least, I was thinking that the world is full of endless of possibilities and beautiful things waiting to for you to discover them.

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