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Gallery wall

Gallery wall

I am not an interior designer, or have I studied design. But I do believe that making a gallery wall with pictures helps me to understand what I can do with my photos in the future. I’d like, for instance, to see my photos printed and hang them on my wall one day.

So far, I created 3 gallery walls in my little appartment, and through this process, I learnt a few things that I would like to share with you.

  • First of all, think of where in your apartment you can create a gallery wall. Where would a gallery wall look good? Do you have an empty wall in your apartment?
  • Take your time and choose the prints carefully. No need to rush through the selection. Ideally ask help from a friend (someone with a good taste). It’s also more fun to choose the prints with a friend, than choose them alone.
  • I think it would be best if you choose prints of different dimensions. That was the mistake I did the first time. I placed an order of prints of the same dimensions and I realized that this was actually a mistake when I started putting the posters on the wall. I couldn’t create a gallery wall, when all the prints had the same size.
  • The first time I made a gallery wall, I had envisioned the gallery in my mind. Unfortunately it turned out that what I had envisioned, didn’t look good on the wall. Most probably your gallery wall won’t look good immediately. But don’t let this dishearten you. Take the time to think what’s wrong, what you can do to improve ,and change the position of the posters until you are happy with the final result.

The posters on this wall are:
Naked lines no2 / Ink print no2 / Camera / Black shirt / Sun hat shade / Paris no7

I teamed up with Desenio to give you a discount code: The code is “SILIA” and it gives you 30% off prints* on all of Desenio websites between the 23rd-25th of March.

*Except on frames and on handpicked-/collaboration/personalised posters”.

In collaboration with Desenio

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  1. “Cause you wouldn’t know me today, and you have got to see, to believe, from the fading light I fly”. Conchita Wurst and the song “Rise like a phoenix” is the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2014, that took place in Copenhagen last night. I was very happy to watch the contest with friends in a very beautiful loft in the first district of Vienna. It used to be like an annual ritual, when I was living in Athens, to gather in a place, chat and vote with friends, and having fun together in front of the television. I am happy that the same type of gathering happens in Vienna as well. I don’t know how you find the winning song, but among the others, it was really the one that I liked most. This song has something powerful. The melody which is slow at the beginning and then become stronger gives you the impression that it talks about an achievement, something successful, for something that was lost and found, for someone who is reborn. 12 points from Greece to Austria and next year the European song contest comes to Vienna!
  2. Do you need to escape from routine for 6 months and travel the world? Swiss Air Lines gives you the opportunity to apply for a dream job and be a Swiss explorer. Just watch the video and you will understand what I am talking about. The video of the advertisement is excellent and the voice of the speaker manages to define the spirit of the job, still we should not fool ourselves that it’s going to be only fun and excitement. It is going to be demanding as well. Would you like to apply? You should hurry, because you can send your application until 28 May, 2014
  3. Do you know Mary Katrantzou? That Greek girl who managed to establish herself in a very competitive business field in London as a fashion designer. I have watched this video many times and thought I should share it with you, just in case you haven’t see it yet. I like people like Mary who persist and fight for their dreams, no matter what, and people who are creative generally. Challenge yourself to define your limits.
  4. Do you know what kind of cosmetics you use? Have you ever wondered about what kind of ingredients are they made? I had a very interesting conversation with my student who is concerned about the chemicals that they put into skin care products. She recommended me to check out this page on the web. It is a pity that the context is written in German only. I searched for a button to switch the language but didn’t find anything. Whatever, we should be and stay informed. And the next time you buy a product, take a look at the back side, where the ingredients are..

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

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