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Holidays in Crete

Holidays in Crete

Holidays in Crete

Crete has never been my favourite Greek island. What I never liked about it is that Crete is a big island. In Crete you simply lose the sense of being on an island. I guess, I am more a small island type of person.

But Crete island has a lot to offer. Culture, sightseeing attractions, sandy beaches, scenic countryside. Plus, it has two international convenient airports (Chania and Heraklio) where you can find the best flight connections to many European cities.

My friend’s wedding though was a very good reason to visit Crete once again, the last weekend of August. I am glad that I had the chance to spend my holidays in Crete one more time, to discover this island with a different point of view, as the more we travel, the better traveler we become, we learn to appreciate things differently and we mature through this process.

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Holidays in Crete

My best Chania travel tips: 

• Go to Pallas for breakfast.

• Visit Sketi Glika for something sweet.

• For exciting views over Chania go to Koukouvaya.

• Find the Best Restaurants in Chania here.

Crete is undoubtedly beautiful. Remember that you need time and a car to discover its beauties. Oh my gosh, how nice it would be to be there right now!

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Holidays in Crete


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