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Snow white

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snow white (2)
snow white (5)

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

When the weather forecast predicts snow, usually my friends warn me about it but this time nobody said anything and waking up to this snowy landscape was such a nice surprise. To be honest, I had a small suspicion, because there were some snow flakes in the air the night before but I never imagined that next day the ground would be blanketed by a foot of fresh snow.

Snow and the magical air that comes with it were inviting us to take some pictures. You see, some are ski enthusiasts while my friends and I are photos enthusiasts. Those photos were snapped at Maria-Theresien Square between Natural History Museum and the Art History Museum in Vienna. We chose this place not by chance. I wanted to have those round bushes that were covered by snow as the background (and I wanted to think that they were covered not by snow but by sugar). But maybe I had too high expectations and didn’t reckon the freezing cold that made our hands suffer and forced us leave the Maria-Theresien Square and run for that warm chocolate drink at Burgring 1 Cafe!♥

Christmas lights

The Viennese Girl blog Vienna

Christmas lights Vienna.

I don’t post photos of myself that often, but when Silia meets Elena, magic happens. We wanted to take some pictures that capture the Christmassy atmosphere which is all over Vienna.

Shimmering twinkle lights (1)
Shimmering twinkle lights (3)

We were actually inspired by the Christmas lights that sadly will not exist after the New Years Eve.

vienna wien austria blog Shimmering twinkle lights (2)

For that reason, we visited three places. First, we went to Ringstrassen-Galerien, which is a shopping center in downtown Vienna. Second we went to the Motel One hotel which is at the opposite of the Opera House, and then we ended up at the Cafe Museum. All beautiful spots around Vienna, but above all, ideal for what we wanted to achieve. I hope you enjoy the photos like we did while we were taking them.

Shimmering twinkle lights (5)

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

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