Palais Liechtestein vienna
Palais Liechtestein vienna
Palais Liechtestein vienna
Palais Liechtestein vienna
Palais Liechtestein wien
Palais Liechtestein wien
Palais Liechtestein wien
Alsergrund (4)Alsergrund (29)
Alsergrund (6)Alsergrund (25)
Alsergrund Vienna
Alsergrund vienna
9.Bezirk Vienna

Since last week The Viennese Girl blog has one more creative gadget: a tripod. I took my tripod to the 9th district of Vienna, in Alsergrund, and to be more specific to Palais Liechtenstein and to Strudlhofstiege which is a very charming outdoor staircase next to Palais Liechtestein. As I was trying to find out how my new photography gadget works, something really funny happened. A little girl showed up in front of my camera and all of a sudden started posing for me. She didn’t say anything, she only started making funny poses. Obviously she wanted me to take some pictures of her and then she asked me to show them to her. It was very funny. I still laugh when I think of her.

I love the spontaneity of children, how much they can enjoy little things in life (like a camera and a tripod), how much happiness they can bring to our lives and I simply wish for more moments like this with my camera and my new photography gadget. ♥

  • Hi Viennese Girl,

    Your pics look always so cool- what camera do you use?


    • Hello Laura, thank you for your feedback. The camera that I use at the moment for the blog is CANOS EOS 700D : )

      • Thank you for your answer! I wish you a great vacation time! 🙂

  • Ina Nuvo

    it´s the area around the American embassy isn´t it? lovely neighborhood!

    lovely regards

  • Love your photos! That girl sounds adorable – kids are so fun with cameras 🙂

  • Beautiful pictures! I started german course at University of Vienna and I discover this bezirk during my walks after lessons 🙂

  • Alexandra Philippidou

    Hello Viennese Girl! Your photos are amazing!! I really loved them! Can everyone visit the Liechtenstein Palais garden or is it closed to the public? I know about the Palace but I’m not sure about the park around it! Alexandra

    • Γεια σου Αλεξανδρα, s’efxaristo poli 🙂 As far as I know, yes, the garden is open for everybody. There is also a cafe, so I guess, you can go to the gardens any time you wish. A very beautiful place, indeed! Silia

      • Alexandra Philippidou

        Silia, ποτέ δεν φαντάστηκα ότι η Viennese Girl κρύβει μία Ελληνίδα στο τιμόνι αυτού του υπέροχου blog!! Eίμαι πραγματικά εντυπωσιασμένη και περήφανη!! Η αλήθεια είναι ότι δεν είχα διαβάσει τις βιογραφικές λεπτομέριες γιατί πάντα έμπαινα στο μπλογκ αναζητώντας πληροφορίες για το επικείμενο ταξίδι μας στη Βιέννη και πάντα με συνάρπαζαν και με ταξίδευαν οι υπέροχες φώτο σου!! I’ m really glad to have found you! Keep up your great job and make us fall in love with your beautiful city! Alexandra from Thessaloniki

        • hahaah poli plaka exun afta ta sxolia, vasika san kai sena poli alloi den to perimenan kai ksafniastikan!! :)))))))
          se 2 imeres eimai elladaaaaaaa kai anipomonoooooo

          • Alexandra Philippidou

            Well, have a great holiday here in Greece, Viennese Girl!! On the other hand, we are travelling to Vienna this week!! Let’s hope we’ ll all have the best of times!!

          • Thank you very much, and wish you have a very lovely stay in Vienna and hope at the same time this blog will be a helpful resource of what to do and where to go ….keep in touch and let me know how was it …