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Italian restaurants in Vienna

Italian restaurants in Vienna
Best Italian restaurants in Vienna

 Italian restaurants in Vienna

A few days before I depart for my holidays, I got to visit this Italian restaurant, called Xpedit. It is located in the first district of Vienna, close to Schwedenplatz. While I was there, chatting with a dear friend of mine, I thought  this must be one of those local restaurants that all tourists are looking for.

Best Italian restaurants in Vienna

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On the table (15)
On the table (20)

Do you know how many emails I get from people who are visiting Vienna, trying to find non touristic places to go and to eat? They all want to do something that is not considered touristic. So this restaurant is exactly the one. Off the beaten path and highly recommended.

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vienna tips by locals restaurants
vienna tips by locals restaurants

We loved the food, and by saying that, I mean, we literally loved the food. An insalata caprese with mozzarella di bufala, delicious risotto and yummy Panna Cotta is what we went for. We sat outside and spent about two hours. But then we had to leave because my friend had to get back to her work.

Other fine dining and worth visiting Italian restaurants in Vienna are Ristorante il sole and Trattoria officina. Extra tip: Order the amazing see food pasta, although it’s not in the menu.

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Vienna tips

Vienna tips

How do you prepare yourself before you travel? On The Viennese Girl blog, you will find numerous Vienna tips.

Vienna tips
Vienna tips

Don’t tell me that you are like my cousin who does nothing (sorry cousin). I remember that every time we were about to visit a European capital city together, he did absolutely nothing. I was the one who did all the research on the web before our departure.

The Viennese Girl best travel blog

By saying research, I mean to read other travel blogs for tips, write lists with the Top things to see and Top things to do, download maps, and buy museum tickets.

My cousin did nothing. Maybe because he knew that he had a hard core traveler on his side and he could just relax and rely on me.

The Viennese Girl best travel blogI’d like to be completely honest with you, I find pleasure on preparing a trip and collecting useful information. But I would also love it if someday someone would organize a trip for me. Someone who would come and say to me “I have booked everything for us, let’s travel.” How cool that would be?

The Viennese Girl best travel blog The Viennese Girl best travel blog

The Viennese Girl best travel blog
The Viennese Girl best travel blog

vienna tips (8)vienna tips (6)

Unfortunately I don’t get to travel as much as I wish. This results in me playing the tourist in my own town. I guess, that is a bad symptom of a person who was bitten by the travel bug but doesn’t travel that often. The photos of this blog post are taken at the Vienna Tourist Info Office in Albertinaplatz.

vienna tips (10)

For all the avid travelers like me that are about to visit Vienna, make sure to check my blog for Vienna tips.  Once you are here, I suggest you to visit the Official Vienna Tourist Info Office to get their brochures and maps for free. These brochures are created for you, they are free and made in different languages. Plus, the people who work in the Office are willing to help you if you have further questions.

vienna tips (13)Photo © Elena Azzalini Photography

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