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kalimera samos Greece photos (1)
kalimera samos Greece photos (4)
kalimera samos Greece photos (2)
kalimera samos Greece photos (7)

Those are some of the photos that I took in the last days in Samos. It is very hot here and when it’s so hot, either you stay somewhere in a shadow or you spend the whole day on the beach until the sunset. I bet you don’t want to take photos moving around and sweat like a pig, like I did.

Those photos where taken in Vathi and Pythagorio. More precisely, the photo with the spectacular view of Pythagorio was taken from the balcony of Hera 2 Hotel in Pythagorio and this is one more Samos tip, just in case you are thinking of visiting Samos and looking for a hotel with views to Pythagorio, then this hotel is for you.

And if you come to Greece, remember this word: kalimera (in Greek: καλημέρα). Kalimera means both Good morning and Have a nice day.




Saturday in Vienna

Saturday in Vienna

Saturday in Vienna
Saturday in Vienna

Saturday in Vienna

Just a few shots I took this Saturday in Vienna wearing a very summery outift because of the heat that hit Vienna this weekend. Saturday in Vienna started with ice cream from Ferrari, buying short pants for the holidays and later on, carefree stroll along the Danube river. Oh, I could really live in an endless summer if it were possible and I am really looking forward to my summer holidays on the Greek islands and to a wonderful collaboration I am going to have the coming week….. all the rest here is just a routine from which I am trying to escape…♥

Holidays in the Greek islands

20 things I enjoy when I am on holidays in the Greek islands:

1. Closing the eyes and listening to the waves of sea.

2. Endless beach parties.

3. Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner next to the sea.

4. Looking at the endless blue of the sky and sea without thinking anything.

5. Smelling the aroma of Greek bakery in the middle of the night that challenges you to go there and taste everything. The choice is difficult. Begin with tiropita, spanakopita and for something sweet take a bugatsa.

6. Climbing on the roof of a white church in Santorini.

7. Eat eat eat. Fish, Suvlaki, musaka, greek salads, and fresh fruits.

8. Discovering a hidden cave and swimming naked.

9. Renting a motor yacht and having a hop on hop off tour from island to the next island.

10. Spending the whole day with bikini and pareo.

11. Listening to Greek music such as the song of Melina Merkouri that says that the moon is made from paper and the beach is fake. But if you had believed her just a little bit, everything would be real.

12. Feeling the sea salt sensation all over your body.

13. Looking around myself and seeing happy carefree people.

14. Losing the sense of time. What time is it? Is it Monday or Sunday? Where did you say that we are now?

15. Participating in a Panigiri!!! Eat and drink like a local and dance Syrtaki or Kalamatiano with strangers.

16. Letting myself enjoy the Greek hospitality. It will sound strange, but only when I lived in foreign countries, I really understood what Greek hospitality is. When you live in Greece, you don’t really understand it because you take it for granted, but when you go to live in a foreign country, then you get it. Only if you compare it with other countries, only if you see a different side, you understand what Greek hospitality is all about.

17. Window shopping jewelleries that are inspired from the ancient Greek architecture.

18. Having a hot tan. Going there with a skin which has the colour of milk and coming back home with a chocolate skin.

19. Walking barefoot in hot sand.

20. Coming back to your country, looking at the photos that you took in Greece and spontaneously having a big smile in your face that makes you desperately want to have a bit of Greece in your life and forever.

Do you have similar experiences in Greece?

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