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My second visit to NYC


My second visit to NYC

Finding myself in NYC at the beginning of March was beyond anything I could have imagined, even in my wildest dreams. Reality has a funny way of surprising us when we least expect it, often exceeding our wildest expectations.

This marked my second visit to the city that never sleeps. A few years back, a friend and I spontaneously booked tickets to explore The Big Apple. We spent a whole week taking in the sights, wandering through every street and avenue Manhattan had to offer. Fuelled by curiosity, we even ventured out to Brooklyn and Astoria, unsure if we’d ever get the chance to return.

During that first visit, I was the quintessential tourist, ticking off all the must-see spots. It was a time before Instagram, when experiences were captured in memories rather than snapshots.

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My second visit to NYC

This time around, I had the incredible opportunity to jet off to NYC with Samsung Austria for their groundbreaking QLED TV launch event. Samsung Austria always pulls out all the stops, and I knew this from my amazing experiences traveling with them to London and Paris last year.

Touching down at JFK airport on a Saturday morning, I couldn’t contain my excitement. This trip, I decided to arrive a few days early to soak in the city’s energy. The first leg of my adventure led me to Hannah’s apartment, where I’d be staying for the first two nights. It felt surreal, almost like stepping into a scene from a movie. Manhattan living was something I’d only dreamed of, but here I was, living it.

Those initial days were spent soaking up the warmth of Hannah’s hospitality, getting to know her family, and mingling with Reed and his circle of friends. The welcome I received couldn’t have been warmer, and I felt right at home in the heart of NYC.

But amidst the hustle and bustle, I also carved out moments for myself. Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge, with the city skyline stretching out before me, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. It was a moment of serenity amidst the city’s ceaseless energy, a memory I’ll treasure forever.

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Samsung QLED TV Event

During the first day of the press trip, Samsung treated us to a memorable boat tour along the Hudson River. Following that, we made our way to the Samsung 837 Flagship Store in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. There, we immersed ourselves in virtual reality experiences for about an hour. The store boasted interactive art installations and a striking three-story screen, showcasing the boundless possibilities of Samsung devices. It’s a remarkable space that I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in Manhattan.

On the second day of the trip, we headed to the American Stock Exchange Building for The First Look Event. Through engaging keynotes and presentations, Samsung unveiled that their QLED TV was designed for more than just watching—it’s about delivering diverse TV experiences tailored to different lifestyles, ensuring that every moment at home is an adventure.

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Manhattan best travel tips

Reflecting on My Second Visit to NYC: People, Photography, and Perspective

It might not be fair to compare, but if I’m being completely honest, I enjoyed my second visit to NYC a tad more than my first. It’s always the people you meet and the moments you share that truly make a trip special, rather than just the destination itself.

From a photography standpoint, NYC was incredibly overwhelming. Trying to capture quality content for the TVG photography blog, Instagram account, and Instagram stories proved to be quite challenging. Consequently, there aren’t as many photos here, but you can always find more on Instagram.

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Manhattan best travel tips

Top restaurants and cafes in Manhattan

Here’s a list of favourite restaurants and cafes in Manhattan:

Cecconi’s Dumbo New York: For upscale Italian dining with stunning waterfront views in the Dumbo neighborhood.

Crosby Street Hotel: A luxurious boutique hotel known for its eclectic decor and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for a sophisticated meal.

Sadelle’s: A beloved bakery and restaurant in SoHo, famous for its delectable pastries and brunch offerings.

Morgenstern’s Ice Cream Parlor: Indulge in artisanal ice cream with creative flavors in the Lower East Side.

Freemans Restaurant: Head to this hidden gem on the Lower East Side for rustic American fare in a cozy setting.

Cha Cha Matcha: Sip on matcha-based drinks and enjoy the trendy ambiance of this cafe with multiple locations.

Supermoon Bakehouse: Visit this unique bakery in the Lower East Side for visually stunning pastries and baked goods.

Keens Steakhouse: A historic steakhouse in Midtown known for its classic decor and mouthwatering steaks.

The Butcher’s Daughter: Explore vegetarian cuisine and creative cocktails at this charming restaurant with locations in Nolita and the West Village.

The Standard Grill: Dine at this bustling brasserie in the Meatpacking District for classic American dishes in a stylish setting.

The Bar Room at the Temple Court: Enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in a refined atmosphere at this cocktail bar located in the Financial District.

Cecconi’s Dumbo New York / Crosby Street Hotel / Sadelle’s / Morgenstern’s ice cream parlor/ Freemans Restaurant / Cha Cha Matcha / Supermoon Bakehouse / Keens steakhouseThe Butcher’s Daughter / The Standard Grill / The bar room at the Temple Court

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