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3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam holds a very special place in my heart because it was my first travel abroad at the age of 18, and it was a trip organised all by myself.

Why to the Netherlands? I had a pen pal who was living in a little town in the countryside, called Gouda. I visited The Netherlands in order to spend one week with her and her family in Gouda.

Back then, Instagram and Facebook didn’t exist. If you had a friend abroad, you didn’t chat online. But you were sending letters written by hand in order to stay in touch.

3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam

All those years, since the age of 18, I always wanted to go back to Amsterdam but it never occured. Until the day an invitation to travel to Amsterdam popped up in my inbox while I was vacationing in Mykonos.

I was invited by an advertsing agency from Germany to join a small group of creative minds in Amsterdam for a photography project (look for #smartinstabattle on Instagram). How cool is that? And this is how, more or less, I found myself in Amsterdam at the end of September. I was thrilled to be back.

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3 days in Amsterdam
3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam

I thought I should write a few words about this experience and share a few photos from the hotel where I stayed, as well as a bunch of interesting venues that you may want to add to the list of places to visit in your next Amsterdam trip.

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3 days in Amsterdam

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3 days in Amsterdam
3 days in Amsterdam

The Viennese Girl blog Vienna's best lifestyle travel blog

How I spent 3 days in Amsterdam

Day 1: Immersing in Amsterdam’s Charm

Amsterdam greeted me with a crisp morning as I stepped off the plane, eager to start my adventure. After settling into my accommodation, I found myself drawn to The Lobby restaurant at Hotel V Nesplein, where I enjoyed a delightful lunch surrounded by the comforting glow of candles. The ambiance was enchanting, setting the tone for my stay in this vibrant city.

In the afternoon, I meandered through the cobbled streets and picturesque canals, marveling at the historic architecture and lively atmosphere. I couldn’t resist the allure of Dam Square and the poignant history of the Anne Frank House, which left a lasting impression on me.

As evening descended, I returned to The Lobby for another enchanting dinner, savoring every moment of the cozy setting and delectable cuisine. Amsterdam had already captured my heart with its charm and warmth.

3 days in Amsterdam

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The Viennese Girl blog Vienna's best lifestyle travel blog
The Viennese Girl blog Vienna's best lifestyle travel blog

Day 2: Exploring Amsterdam and Unwinding at Bar Brasserie OCCO

The next day brought the promise of exploration with my dear friend Rebecca. Together, we embarked on a quest to capture the essence of Amsterdam through our lenses, seeking out the most Instagram-worthy spots. From vibrant flower markets to hidden canal bridges, each corner revealed a new facet of the city’s beauty.

By midday, we found ourselves in need of sustenance, and a quaint brasserie provided the perfect respite. Our afternoon was filled with cultural immersion as we wandered through the halls of the Rijksmuseum and marveled at the masterpieces within.

As twilight approached, we retreated to Bar Brasserie OCCO at The Dylan hotel, where we indulged in a leisurely dinner, relishing in the relaxed ambiance and catching up on cherished moments. It was the perfect end to a day filled with exploration and camaraderie.

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3 days in Amsterdam

The Viennese Girl blog Vienna's best lifestyle travel blog

Day 3: Embracing Serenity Before Departure

On my final day in Amsterdam, I chose to forego the hustle and bustle of museums in favor of a leisurely stroll through the city’s labyrinthine streets. With no agenda to follow, I allowed myself to get lost in the enchanting beauty of Amsterdam, savoring each moment of serenity.

As the afternoon sun cast a golden glow over the canals, I bid farewell to this charming city, knowing that its memories would stay with me forever. With a contented heart and a camera full of cherished snapshots, I made my way to the airport, already dreaming of my next adventure. Amsterdam had left an indelible mark on my soul, and I knew I would return one day to rediscover its magic anew.

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3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam: Top Amsterdam travel tips

Looking to explore the vibrant streets of Amsterdam? Let me share some insider tips to make your trip unforgettable!

First up, for those craving a taste of Bali in the heart of Amsterdam, look no further than Benji’s. This cozy spot exudes Balinese vibes, offering a unique atmosphere to relax and indulge in delicious food and drinks.

Now, let’s talk about one of life’s greatest pleasures – cookies. If you’re a cookie aficionado, Van Stapele is your paradise. Renowned for serving the best cookies in the world, these mouthwatering treats are a must-try for any visitor to Amsterdam.

When it comes to starting your day right, Corner Bakery has you covered. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a leisurely brunch, this charming spot offers a delectable array of options to satisfy your cravings.

And finally, for an all-day dining experience that ticks all the boxes, head over to Kanarie Club. With a diverse menu featuring the best meals, drinks, and bites, this lively venue promises to delight your taste buds from morning till night.

So, whether you’re seeking culinary delights, cozy atmospheres, or simply a taste of Amsterdam’s eclectic dining scene, these hotspots are sure to leave a lasting impression on your travels. Get ready to eat, drink, and explore to your heart’s content in this enchanting city!

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3 days in Amsterdam

3 days in Amsterdam

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