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A guide to Bella Napoli

Bella NapoliA guide to Bella Napoli

It was raining the first day we arrived in Naples, but the city was generous enough and treated us with endless sunshine for the rest of our stay. We didn’t care at all because we didn’t have big plans for the first day anyway, so we were content to just visit that famous pizzeria “Da Michele” that happened to be located a few blocks away from our hotel.

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Bella Napoli
Bella Napoli

A guide to Bella Napoli

I brought Anastacia with me on this trip. She thanked me over a slice of Pizza Margherita for bringing her to Bella Napoli. This was despite her initial worries regarding all the bad rumors that she had read on the internet about Napoli. I told her not to worry and just follow The Viennese Girl, haha. For me, it wasn’t the first time in Napoli. It was actually my third visit to this city.

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Bella Napoli

My previous visits were always during the summer season; therefore I have always connected the South of Italy, and more specifically Napoli, with holidays and summer. But I can’t tell you enough how good it felt for us to fly with with myAustrian Holidays down to Naples in the middle of February. If I look back now, it feels even more like the right decision to take the airplane and fly to Bella Napoli in the middle of February.

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pizza margherita da Michele Naples

Highlight of the trip to Bella Napoli

One of the best things that happened during our visit to Napoli was meeting up with Marco, a guy who I got to know through Instagram and was kind enough to show us his beautiful city and brought us to parts of the city that we wouldn’t have been able to find without him. Always remember that Instagram connects people. I feel really appreciative that Marco spent one entire day with us showing us around his beautiful city.

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pizza margherita da Michele Naples
pizza margherita da Michele Naples

Best Pizza Margherita in Naples: Pizzeria Da Michele

When it comes to the quintessential Pizza Margherita experience, look no further than Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples. Renowned as one of the city’s oldest and most iconic pizzerias, it’s a haven for pizza purists and enthusiasts alike. Step inside this unassuming establishment and you’ll be greeted by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pizza dough mingling with the scent of San Marzano tomatoes and fragrant basil.

The menu is simple, with just two options: Margherita or Marinara. Opt for the former, and you’ll be rewarded with a masterpiece of simplicity – a perfectly charred, thin-crust pizza topped with tangy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, and a scattering of aromatic basil leaves. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, transporting you to pizza nirvana. Pair it with a refreshing beverage, and savor the magic of Naples’ culinary heritage at Pizzeria Da Michele.

Vietri sul mare

During our time in Naples, we were never without company. Each afternoon, our friend Marcello would swing by the hotel to take us to the quaint Italian village of “Vietri sul mare” because I was craving mussels and seafood pasta.

Despite feeling worn out from hours of exploring the city, we had to push ourselves to leave our hotel room for dinner. But really, who could resist a delicious plate of seafood pasta and a big pot of steamed mussels?

I must admit, this was the perfect way to wrap up each day in Naples.

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four days in Naples

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four days in Napoli

A guide to Bella Napoli: Where to stay in Naples

We stayed at Una Hotels Napoli, which I would recommend because of its key location. Being next to the main Garibaldi station and being close to the Alibus airport bus makes it easy for anyone who wishes to reach other destinations from Napoli.

To be honest, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the hotel. But the little time we did spend in the hotel, we were always greeted by the very helpful and welcoming staff.

We enjoyed the delicious breakfast on the rooftop terrace with views to the volcano and of course we loved that the Pizzeria Da Michele was only 5 minutes of walking distance from the hotel.

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four days in Napoli

A guide to Bella Napoli

To sum it up, the three nights and four days we spent in Bella Napoli were filled with lots of sunshine, hundred of photos, Italian friends, and many delicious slices of Pizza Margherita. I will come back for those and many other reasons.

It was time to say goodbye to Napoli. Our main destination for this trip wasn’t Napoli. It was Matera. About Matera, I will tell you in the next blog post.

Many thanks to ENIT Italia for making this trip happen, My Austrian Holidays for flying us to that sunny destination, and Una Hotels Napoli for the friendly accommodation!

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