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Ted Baker wallet

Ted Baker wallet

Ted Baker wallet

Ted Baker wallet

The story behind the Ted Baker wallet goes like this: I was waiting for my gate to be announced at Heathrow airport and as many of you would do, I also had a look around the shops, without any intention to buy anything. Ted Baker shop caught my attention because there is no Ted Baker boutique in Vienna so I decided to kill some time inside there. I found this Ted Baker wallet in many pastel colours but the baby pink colour was my favourite and even though I had no intention to buy anything, some things are just so irresistible. This product was like screaming to me: I was made for you, get me now! Since I am one of those who always says and believes that life is short and that we have to enjoy things and celebrate every moment, I bought the baby pink wallet. If I hadn’t bought it, I know, I would now think of it, regretting that I hadn’t bought it.

I usually don’t blog about things but I like talking about and showing my favourite things, if not on the blog then to my friends, and I love product photography which is something that I discovered to be keen on, when I received my Daniel Wellington watch. It has been, since then, a great challenge that I enjoy to undertake, how to present a product and how to make pictures of it.♥

Shopping in Vienna

shopping in Vienna (2)

shopping in Vienna (1)
shopping in Vienna

shopping in Vienna (4)

shopping in Vienna (3)
shopping in Vienna (5)

Don’t get fooled by the pictures. I don’t go shopping at Gucci and Prada, unless it’s a special occasion, like a birthday or something. I usually do online shopping at home, with ease and comfort, especially when I am not in the mood of going out and mingling with the crowd and I personally avoid Saturdays, which automatically means long queues in the cash desk and fitting rooms. Some of the online shops I tend to shop at are Bonprix, Asos, Zara or Massimo Dutti.

When it comes to shopping in Vienna, some of the main shopping streets are Mariahilferstrasse, Neubaugasse, Kärntner Straße and of course the Golden Quarter which is a luxury shopping area in downtown Vienna. This is the area where you can find international designer labels but keep in mind that there are also many other interesting shops and boutiques in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th districts, maybe not that well-known but still you might find pieces that you will love.

Summer is just around the corner and I feel like my garderobe needs a total makeover. To be more precise, I actually feel the need to give away all my clothes (or throw them from the window 🙂 ) and buy some new, fresh pieces. You see, it comes the day when you want to get rid of everything old.

My advice: better fewer but beautiful, than too many and useless. Buy fewer pieces, yet more precious. Always remember to prefer quality over quantity. ♥