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Le Bol

LE BOL BY SILIA VIENNA the viennese girl blog (4)

Cold temperatures in January kept me indoors, and often under my duvet. The university exams kept me reading the books I wasn’t really interested to read. On the top of that, I had some extra assignment deadlines to meet. Those are the reasons that kept me far from The Viennese Girl blog for a while. That’s why it has been a bit quiet here lately.

Le Bol: my favorite French bistro in Vienna

But now I am back again with my favorite French bistro in Vienna, called Le Bol. When I am not under my duvet, or hidden behind a book in the library, and not in a classroom with my students teaching them Italian, you can probably find me at Le Bol downtown Vienna since I am used to visiting this French bistro more than once per week. It was a kind of challenge taking photos inside there, because Le Bol is usually full of people and I don’t like taking photos of persons that I don’t know and publishing them online without their permission, and secondly, the yellow light doesn’t make photos come out nicely. But the bistro itself is highly recommended and I am always happy to get there and see Vera and Laila, who both work in Le Bol and serve the French delicacies. Those are my favorite treats:

Monsieur Seguin
Croque Madame
Tarte au Citron
Tartine Pagnol
a piece of Bombe au chocolat.

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LE BOL BY SILIA VIENNA the viennese girl blog (2)

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