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Vienna Ball season

Ball: Ball der Wiener Sängerknaben / Video: Lorin Canaj / Dresses: Peek&Cloppenburg
Hair: B.lounge Vienna / Jewellery: Pour Toi Jewelry
Guest stars: Anastacia Kay & Lilia Briukh

Vienna Ball season – I have some great news. First of all, travelling starts over again for TVG (=The Viennese Girl). I am leaving for Italy tomorrow together with Anastacia for one week. This is the first press trip for the year 2017. It is organised by ENIT-Italia. Check out our Instagram channels for daily updates. And the second good news is that Lorin from Canaj Visuals did one more amazing video for The Viennese Girl blog and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did filming it.

Thanks to the invitation from the Ball der Wiener Sängerknaben, who gave us the opportunity to attend their Ball and create this beautiful video. It was also an opportunity to get together, talk, laugh, dance and forget all the rest…for a night! What do you think about the choice of the music?

Lorin initially had the idea to go for a classical Mozart song, but I thought that we should give to the ball a more young modern touch, and so we went for the song,“Falling”, from Secrets in Stereo. In general, I never thought that The Viennese Girl would ever have videos. But look how things turned out! Unexpectedly good! Fairy tale styling hair was from my all time favourite hair salon B.lounge Vienna, and my pink pastel dress was from Peek&Cloppenburg. Hope you like it and you get the chance to visit a ball during the Vienna Ball season.

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