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Vienna Wedding Photographer

Vienna Wedding Photographer
Vienna Wedding Photographer

Vienna Wedding Photographer

My name is Silia. I am a fine art Vienna wedding photographer with a deep appreciation for the art of capturing love stories.

In 2013, I started THE VIENNESE GIRL, a popular travel and lifestyle blog in Vienna. It unexpectedly launched my photography career and led to exciting opportunities and unique projects that changed my life.

I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with renowned brands such as FENDI, CHANEL, SAMSUNG, Austrian Airlines, PARK HYATT, to name a few. I’ve gained valuable experience and skills from working with renowned brands, and I believe these skills can be applied effectively in the context of weddings.

Reach out today to secure your date and preserve your beautiful moments forever. 

Vienna Wedding Photographer
Vienna Wedding Photographer

Vienna Wedding Photographer

After a decade, I reached a turning point in my photography career and felt compelled to take it to the next level. It was at that moment that I conceived the idea for the “Pretty Love Stories” website, bringing a new dimension to my passion for capturing beautiful moments.

I invite you to take a moment to browse through my online portfolio to get a sense of my photography style and approach. I pride myself on capturing the essence of each couple’s love and joy, creating a visual narrative that reflects their authentic emotions and personalities.

Pretty Love Stories: My wedding photography website

Vienna Wedding Photographer
Vienna Wedding Photographer

Capture Your Big Day: Choosing a Vienna Wedding Photographer

Finding the perfect wedding photographer in Vienna, Austria, may feel overwhelming. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and the photos will hold those memories forever. A skilled Vienna Wedding Photographer brings valuable experience to capture the beauty of your special day, whether it’s a candid moment on cobblestone streets or a romantic kiss against a historic backdrop.

Choosing your Vienna Wedding Photographer isn’t just about hiring someone with a camera; it’s finding a skilled storyteller to paint your love story through their lens. Your wedding in Vienna deserves the best.

Feel free to explore my portfolio to see the quality and creativity you can expect. Let me transform your wedding day into a visual tale you can cherish for years. For more information or to schedule a session, I’m just a message away.

Reach out today to secure your date and preserve your beautiful moments forever.

Vienna Wedding Photographer

Planning to hold your wedding in Vienna?

I’ve dedicated the last decade of my life to capturing love, joy, and beauty in their purest forms. As a Vienna based Wedding Photographer, my expertise lies in seizing authentic, heartfelt moments on your wedding day. I encourage you to explore my portfolio and see if my style resonates with you.

My ultimate goal is to tell your love story in a timeless manner, capturing every moment and emotion of your unique day. I’m thrilled at the prospect of being a part of your wedding in Vienna and immortalizing all the love and joy it entails. So why wait? Explore my portfolio and get in touch to discuss how we can make your wedding photography dreams a reality.

Reach out today to secure your date and preserve your beautiful moments forever.

Silia Eleftheriadou photography
Silia Eleftheriadou photography

Top Vienna Locations for Weddings

As a Vienna based Wedding Photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct photoshoots at the city’s most remarkable locations. These venues offer an editorial style backdrop, complementing the luxury of your wedding day.

– Schoenbrunn Palace: This grand baroque palace, surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens, provides an idyllic setting for romantic wedding photography. Its vibrant history and architectural beauty will enhance the grandeur of your photos.

Silia is a wedding and portrait photographer
Silia is a wedding and portrait photographer

– Belvedere Palace: With its elegant baroque structures and stunning gardens, this location is perfect for capturing timeless and intimate moments.

– Hofburg: This historic imperial palace located in the heart of Vienna is a dream location for a wedding photoshoot. Its intricate details and majestic ambiance are sure to add a royal touch to your wedding album.

Whether your preference leans towards opulent palaces or picturesque gardens, Vienna has it all. Enjoy the luxury of these spectacular locations with the assurance that your Vienna Wedding Photographer will seize every magical moment of your big day.

Reach out today to secure your date and preserve your beautiful moments forever.

Explore my Vienna photography website and discover the range of photography services I offer.

Silia Eleftheriadou photography
Silia Eleftheriadou photography

Navigating the Costs of a Vienna Wedding Photographer

Understanding the cost of a Vienna Wedding Photographer involves appreciating the value of the investment you’re making. Photography isn’t just about pictures; it’s about capturing and preserving precious moments that increase in value over time.

If you’re seeking a deal over quality, you may need to reconsider your priorities. As a Vienna Wedding Photographer, my pricing is reflective of my unique style, keen attention to detail, and the years I’ve spent perfecting my craft. The experience I provide for my clients is unrivaled, with couples often investing a significant amount to ensure they receive authentic, meaningful photographs that will endure for a lifetime.

It’s essential to understand that when hiring a professional photographer, you’re investing in memories and a legacy to pass down through generations.


Reserve Your Wedding Photography Date!

My schedule is filling up fast, and I’m nearly fully booked, especially with my frequent travels for wedding photography. If you really want to have me as your Vienna wedding photographer, it’s crucial to confirm a date in my calendar soon. Given the high demand and limited availability, I strongly recommend finalising the date and time soon to secure your spot. Feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience, and let’s ensure we lock in your session before my calendar fills up completely.

Reach out today to secure your date and preserve your beautiful moments forever.

Silia Eleftheriadou: Fine art wedding photographer in Vienna
Silia Eleftheriadou: Fine art wedding photographer in Vienna
Karin de Villa
Highly recommend Silia! She is a gem in the market. 📸 She is professional, punctual, kind and creative.
Yuliia Caliskan
I recently booked a photoshoot with Silia, and I cannot express how thrilled I am with the entire experience! :) From start to finish, everything was exceptional. The location she chose was perfect, offering beautiful backdrops. She has an incredible ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, which is something I truly appreciate. The final photos were beyond my expectations. I am already planning my next photoshoot with Silia! :) I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an outstanding photographer who delivers excellent results with a warm and friendly approach.
Robyn Davie
Hi Silia! I just wanted to pop in and say a HUGE thank you for the amazing images you took of us in Vienna! I have been absolutely blown away by how lovely each pic is, how much variety there is, and how kind and accommodating you were during the shoot! Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️
Erikka Hammer
My husband and I reached out to Silia back when we were living in Vienna to remember our time! She was my favorite photographer and sent us so many photos to choose from! We definitely hope to reach out again if and when we find ourselves in Vienna!
Eirini Vogiatzopoulou
After searching high and low for the perfect photographer, we finally found our match in Silia! It was like finding a hidden treasure. Silia's talent and passion for photography truly set her apart. From the moment we connected, we knew she was the one we had been searching for. Her portfolio spoke volumes, and her warmth and professionalism sealed the deal. Working with Silia was a dream come true, and the results exceeded our wildest expectations. If you're on the hunt for an exceptional photographer, look no further – Silia is the gem you've been searching for.
Ratinee Wongtaveesuklert
Silia is a true pro. She’s really easygoing and her warmth put me at ease during the photo sessions. With loads of experience under her belt, she gave great tips on what colours to wear and how to strike the best poses on the day. And let me tell you, the photos are just stunning. They’re not only beautiful but also top-quality, preserving the day forever. I’d absolutely recommend Silia without hesitation!
Chiara Fantauzza
Silia is an absolute star with a camera! She's super talented and totally committed to her photography. Working with her was a breeze – she's friendly, creative, and really knows her stuff. Silia nailed every shot at our event, going above and beyond what we hoped for. We're so grateful for the amazing memories she's captured for us. If you want a photographer who'll blow you away, Silia's the one to go for.
Melissa Legner
Silia was attentive, detail oriented and very organized in her work. Not only did she make me feel at ease during my photo session she was able to assist me afterwards when I couldn't find my photo library. Thankfully she had a backup and sent me the files again! Lifesaver!
Ioanna Lytra
Silia is an amazing photographer! She's really talented and passionate about what she does. Working with her was a breeze – she's professional, creative, and super friendly. Silia perfectly captured the vibe of our event, exceeding all our expectations. We're so thankful for the beautiful memories she gave us. If you want a photographer who'll blow you away with their skills and dedication, Silia's your go-to person.
Silia is an absolute gem of a photographer! From the moment we booked her for our wedding, she made us feel at ease and confident that our special day would be captured perfectly. Her talent behind the lens is truly remarkable, and she has a knack for capturing the most beautiful and candid moments effortlessly. The quality of her work speaks volumes, and we couldn't be happier with the stunning photos she delivered. Silia exceeded all our expectations, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer who truly cares about their craft and capturing memories that last a lifetime. Thank you, Silia, for making our wedding day even more magical!




Silia Eleftheriadou: Fine art Wedding photographer in Vienna

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