Galaxy Tab S7

Last year I published a blog post for the Galaxy Tab S6: when I use it and why. You can check it out here.

A lot has changed since last year.

I upgraded to the Galaxy Tab S7 which is now the newest tablet from Samsung. And of course, as we all know, this year everything has become a little bit more digital. It’s a year where we have been urged to stay at home, spend more time at home, and work from home. Our real life social interactions have been reduced and we all spent a little bit more time in front of our screens. People now use technology as a bridge across physical distances and are experimenting with new kinds of socially distanced gatherings such as virtual dinner parties, virtual yoga classes etc.

As a result, the Galaxy Tab S7 has become my life-saver this year. And because it’s the device that I use the most, as Anna and I were brainstorming at the beginning of November, we came up with the idea to make the video that you see in this blog post.

The Galaxy Tab S7 comes in two different sizes, the Galaxy Tab S7 (11-inch) and the Galaxy Tab S7+ (12.4-inch) and in three amazing colors: mystic bronze, mystic silver, mystic black.

What I love about the tablet in general is the diversity of use you can get from them. Some people use their tablets as their everyday laptop. Some people use them just for watching media. Some people use them for drawing and making notes with the S Pen.

There are so many things you can be doing with the newest tablet from Samsung. Given the current global situation and the tablet’s multifunctionality, turns out, this tablet is not luxury, but a necessity.

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Disclaimer: In collaboration with Samsung Austria