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Kimolos island

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About one month ago, I had the chance to visit Kimolos island in Greece. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you a few photos that I took during my stay, as well as a few travel tips on things to do if you plan to visit Kimolos. 

beach in Greece photography by the viennese girl


Prassa, Mavrospilia, Kalamitsi beach, Agios Georgios, Bonatsa

Kimolos island

Restaurants and bars 

Kafemezodopoleio i kali kardia, Prasonisi restaurant in Prasa, Stou Fragouli for breakfast, Agora the cocktail bar

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Greek islands photography by The Viennese Girl Vienna

Shopping in Kimolos island

There are many lovely stores with super cute things to buy. One that caught my attention was Arzantiera. Easy to find it as it’s located in the main street of the little town.

Kimolos island The Viennese girl travel blog lifestyle

What I loved about Kimolos island 

The authenticity of the islanders and the relaxed vibes. The lack of crowds and the secluded beaches.

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Kimolos island

I am not writing much about my visit in this beautiful island, as it’s hard to describe feelings and in general the way I perceived the island. I’d like you to get inspired by the photos, go and discover the rest on your own!

shopping in Kimolos iconic souvenirs
kimolos island animals in Greece

One thing that I’d like to highlight is that there are beaches in Kimolos (and some spots in the main town) where you can borrow books in many different languages. Brilliant idea, right? I haven’t seen something like this on another Greek island! They may begin to adopt this wonderful idea as well!

beaches in Kimolos


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I’d like to thank wholeheartedly the mayor of the island Mr. Konstantinos Ventouris for inviting us to Kimolos and the residents of the island for their warm hospitality.

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