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Pottery: how, when and why

Pottery: how, when and why


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Pottery: how, when and why

Pottery: how, when and why

I started experimenting with clay during the first lockdown in Vienna. It was a way for me to entertain myself at home, as I spent all the lockdowns alone …

I bought clay and started with making ring holders using my hands. When the lockdown was lifted, I searched for pottery courses in Vienna but they were all fully booked. I remember how desperate was I for not finding available courses loI…

One day I accidentally passed by a new pottery studio, which happened to be in my neighbourhood, and asked firstly if they offer lessons, and secondly if there are available places. This is where and how I had my first official lesson on the wheel.

Months later I came to Chania for a two months stay. This is where I got really lucky with pottery because the ceramic studio was 2 minutes away from the apartment I was staying at and ceramic courses were offered in my mother tongue!! This is where I really got to learn working on the wheel. I posted the lessons on my YouTube channel if you’d like to watch. Overall, I created 9 ceramic pieces and practiced a lot. The ceramic pieces in the photo are my favourites from what I created so far.

For the moment pottery is my hobby. But I find it so fascinating and I hope I will continue to play with clay and create beautiful things, that I can then give away to friends. Also curious to see how this new hobby will evolve for me and where it will bring me in the future…

Do you have a similar story to share? What is your hobby?

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