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Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn

Our holiday took a pleasantly unexpected turn last July, when my travel buddy and I have been invited to spend a few wonderful days in one of the Traditional Lodgings of Crossroads Inn.

Crossroads Inn Tinos island Greece Cyclades

Crossroads Inn

Tinos Island has 48 villages and one of them is Tripotamos. The countryside boutique hotel we stayed at, Crossroads Inn, is located within the traditional village of Tripotamos. A village filled with arches, arcades, steps, cobbled alleys and both traditional and modern houses. 

Crossroads Inn Tinos island Greece Cyclades

Where to stay in Tinos island

Sophia Passa, the daughter of the owner Mrs. Urania Diamantopoulou, welcomed and led us to our new home. Firstly, she explained us all the health protocols and important measurements that she integrated and apply with great respect & responsibility against COVID-19. We immediately felt calm, cherished and safe. Later on, she gave us her best concierge tips for an amazing stay on Tinos, one of the most deliciously unspoiled islands in the Cyclades. 

countryside boutique hotel in Tinos Island

We spent 4 unforgettable days at this family-run inn. We rented a car to explore the island. During the day we explored the villages, the beaches, and the restaurants that Sophia had recommended to us and every evening we were driving back home to enjoy the panoramic views of the Aegean Sea from our open-air Cycladic veranda. 

Crossroads Inn Tinos island Greece Cyclades


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countryside boutique hotel in Tinos Island

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I can highly recommend Crossroads Inn to those who would like to experience the charm of living the local life in a Cycladic village in the heartland of Tinos.

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