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Pures Leben

Pures Leben
Pures Leben

Here is a little update from me! At the beginning of December, on a Monday morning, I took the train from Vienna with direction to Leibnitz Train Station. Where is this, you may ask yourself right now. I am not familiar with Styria (Steiermark) region either. But that doesn’t really matter at the moment! It was one more wonderful adventure and that is what matters! I was invited to visit one of the holiday houses of Pures Leben. Here are two photos, but if you want to see more, please go to my Instagram account, and check the Pures Leben stories on the Highlights section. Alternatively, check their official website. We spent three unforgettable days in one of the premium holiday houses of Pures Leben and I thought I should share this experience on The Viennese Girl blog, because you may want to visit too : ) We would go back again!

I guess this is also the last blog post for 2019! One more year is gone! Cheers to the one that is coming!


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Game changer

Game changer

The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a Game Changer

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and I’m confident in saying that it’s one of the best tablets on the market today. It’s an all-around solid device, bringing plenty of innovation to an area of technology that has seen too little of it over the years. It also comes with some killer features that you won’t find anywhere else, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking to step up your tablet game this year.

I’ve been using the Galaxy Tab S6 for the last few months and I thought I should write down a few thoughts about it and share them with my community, or anyone interested to know more about WHEN and WHY I use it.

Game changer

In cafes 

I put it in my handbag and I work in cafes. I write down my musings and I keep track of everything that is important.

The long battery life ensures that I can get several hours of work done before I need to plug it in again, which as we all know, finding a place to plug in is not always that easy. 

Game changer

In business meetings 

I take my Galaxy Tab S6 with me in business meetings to show potential customers my photography work. Everything looks much better in the 10.5-inch display of the S6. Also, the images are bigger and easier to see.

I love the fact that we can use our fingers and easily navigate from a page to another page. The display is touch screen. 

Game changer

      Sundays at home 

Sundays at home watching movies on Netflix, documentaries and YouTube videos, are particularly enjoyable with the S6, as this screen and its resolution and color depth is really a treat to look at. And what to say about the sound quality! The Galaxy Tab S6 has four AKG speakers with Dolby Atmos technology (3D sound) which enables excellent sound quality in the size of a tablet.

My favourite documentary topics? Psychology, environment, and nutrition : )

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

When traveling

I prefer to take my tablet with me on all my travels, instead of my home office laptop. It’s small enough to not disturb the people around me especially during flights. Yet big enough for me to work comfortably. I enjoy editing my photos and videos with the use of the S Pen, that magnetically attaches to the back of my tablet  when I don’t use it and charge as soon as it is attached.

Also, 420 Grams is double less heavy compared to the 1.37 kg of my home office laptop, considering they both more or less do the same thing. Turns out, my Galaxy Tab S6 is the ultimate travel companion, due mainly to its size and extreme light weight. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The tablet has proven to be so perfect for all the above mentioned needs and purposes. I like to call my Galaxy Tab S6 a Game Changer because from the moment I received it, it has changed my blogging and creative life and has improved it in a significant way. I honestly thoroughly recommend the Galaxy Tab S6 for anyone looking for a brilliant, extremely light weight laptop that’ll slip into a handbag! 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The Galaxy Tab S6 has proved to me to be a game changer to my life.

Photos of this blogpost were taken at Wunderladen Cafe in Vienna 

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