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Manousakia Flowers

Manousakia Flowers
Manousakia Flowers

 Manousakia Flowers

Manousakia flowers are very popular in Greece and they also happen to be an endangered species! Did you know that? Manousakia are not just beautiful; they’re also medicinal and have been used by herbalists and traditional healers for centuries. So what exactly are Manousakia flowers? And how can you buy Manousakia seeds? To find out, continue reading this blog post about everything you need to know about Manousakia flowers!

What Are Manousakia?

Manousakia flowers are, without question, one of the most beautiful flowers you can use to add color and style to your home or office. Bouquets of manousakia have a long history in Greece, where they were traditionally given as wedding gifts for luck and fertility. Even today, many Greeks still give these traditional bouquets at weddings. In addition to being a popular flower used in bouquets, manousakia can also be used in cooking.

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How Should I Care For them?

It’s important to know how to care for these delicate beauties in order to keep them looking their best over the long term and prevent common problems that occur when they’re improperly cared for. If you know how to care for them properly, they’ll last far longer than other flowers available at most florists.

The good news is that Manousakia are easy to care for and don’t require much effort. In fact, all you really need to do is place them in a sunny spot with access to plenty of water, as they’re somewhat drought tolerant. Make sure to protect them from strong winds or cold temperatures, as too much exposure can cause damage.

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Where did I find the Manousakia Flowers? 

I found them at Chania’s local food market. Manousakia Flowers smell heavenly.


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