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Thama restaurant Tinos island

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Thama restaurant Tinos island

Last summer I had a delicious dinner in Thama restaurant in Tinos island. My friends and I were left in awe of the excellent service and tasteful food!

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Thama restauran Tinos island

Tantalizing Tinos: A Review of Thama Restaurant

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Tinos, look no further than Thama Restaurant. This amazing restaurant has long been considered one of the most refined and well-rounded dining experiences on Tinos island. Thama has put together one of the most impressive menus in all of Greece, with food items ranging from succulent seafood dishes to exquisite souvlaki and delicious desserts.

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Thama restauran Tinos island

Looking for an amazing Greek restaurant on Tinos? Look no further than Thama!

Thama Restaurant on the Greek island of Tinos is one of the most talked-about places to eat on the island, not just among the locals but also among international tourists and bloggers alike. Some say the food at Thama was some of the best they had ever had while others found it overpriced, so I paid Thama Restaurant a visit myself to see how it stacks up against the other top-rated restaurants on Tinos as well as my own expectations as someone who loves Greek food.

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Tinos island Greece

Eating like a king at Thama restaurant on Tinos island

The place is an open-air beachfront restaurant, a perfect place for romantic dinners. We ordered the 7 courses menu. The waiters are really nice and kind. They also serve salads, crudos, starters to share and many other delicious dishes. 

If you ever find yourself in Tinos island, make sure to visit this restaurant. Dimitris Katrivesis with Mariada Pieridi and their team are doing a great work! We will be back soon!

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