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Sunset in Chania

Sunset in Chania

The other day while I was taking photos during sunset time in Chania. A guy approached me to show me the drone video he was filming. We sat down on the bench and he told me he is a Chania based photographer. I asked him whether he would like to give me this video to post it on my Instagram and on THE VIENNESE GIRL blog, and he accepted. I am completely in love with drone videos. And how lovely it is to go to a place where you know no one (or maybe just a few) and meet people who share the same passion! To be honest, I wished for this to happened and it did!

Chania’s Sunsets: A Photographic Journey

With its unique location, Chania is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Sitting along the Aegean Sea, Chania’s Venetian buildings and its harbour provide breathtaking views that are only made better by the glorious sunsets that take place there every evening as the sun dips down into the horizon. The city has numerous marinas where you can enjoy spectacular views of the sunset and will make you feel like you’re in an Instagram photo shoot.

Best time of day to shoot a sunset

Early morning, late afternoon, or dusk. These are the times when the sun is at its lowest in the sky, creating long shadows and interesting colors. Have your camera in Manual mode so that you can control shutter speed and aperture settings.

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