The Viennese girl presents Christmas in Vienna

Earrings: Pourtoijewelry / Make upBobbi Brown

The Viennese girl presents Christmas in Vienna. – It was a while ago when I talked with Lorin from over a cup of coffee, and asked him to help me create a video that will showcase how magical Vienna is during the Christmas season. This is the first time that I’m doing a video for The Viennese Girl blog, and it is also the first time that I worked with Lorin. I explained to him what exactly I had in my mind and how I wanted the final result to be. It should be magical with a fairy tale feeling. It should be exactly how Christimas in Vienna is, and it should stay true to the philosophy and the style of The Viennese Girl blog.  Everything went perfectly. The only problem we faced was the music. We both had in mind two well-known beautiful songs and we knew that one of the two would complement our video beautifully. But it turned out to be impossible to get them because of the super expensive copyright license. We had to find another solution. However, I loved working with Lorin, especially for the reason that he takes my opinion into consideration and we have something in common: we are both perfectionists. We strive for perfection, and we worked hard despite the freezing cold out there to create something that you will love to watch. This is our way of wishing you a Merry Christmas. If you like the video Christmas in Vienna, feel free to leave a comment (because I am so curious to know your thoughts….) ♥

  • Mesi

    This video is truly magical! I’m constantly fascinated with the quality of the photography on your blog and even though this is a bit different, it’s no exception. I love your vision and way of story telling, whether it be photographs or videos! I’ve only been to Vienna during the summer but a visit to the famous Christmas market has been on my bucket list for a while.This fairy tale of a video makes me even more excited to go there one day. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    • Dear Mesi, I am glad you like my work so much and thank you so much for your kind feedback. It gives me energy to keep on working. For people like you who support my work, I can keep on creating beautiful things. Merry Christmas Mesi, wherever you are, whatever you do!

  • Nectarios Chionis

    Merry Christmas lucky girl 🙂

  • Joanna

    Merry Christmas viennese girl!

  • Rümeysa K.

    Dear Silia, I really enjoyed watching this video. It’s really magnificent! You guys captured Vienna in a perfect way. I don’t think that this video could be better – it’s just incredible! I look forward to see more vidos like that, honey! 😜 Oh and merry christmas 🎄XX

    • Hello Rum, nice to see you here. Instagram is only a part of my work, but this blog here is the main part job! Thank you for your comment! Wish you wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year with your friends & family.

  • Photopraline

    So ein schönes Video! Da möchte ich am liebsten gleich nach Wien fahren <3
    Hab noch eine technische Frage: Habt ihr die Kameraschwenker mit einem Gimbal gemacht? Und wenn ja, welcher?

    Lieben Gruß aus Graz 🙂

    • Hi Katharina, glad you like it! An answer regarding the gadget we used should come in a while from Lorin….because I don’t know what he used…hahah Ich kenne mich mit Videos nicht gut aus.. Frohe Weihnachten meine Liebe…Alles Gute!!!

    • Hallo Katharina,
      Es freut mich, dass Dir das Video gefallen hat. In der Tat, die Kameraschwenker wurden mit einem 3-Axen-Gimbal gemacht, mit dem Zhiyun Crane in Kombination mit der Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera und einem mittelschweren Objektiv.
      LG und frohe Weihnachten aus Wien

      • Photopraline

        Danke für eure Antwort! =)

  • ykonda

    What a magical video… And as the lights sparkle so does you! Love your hair!

  • Lea

    Dear Silia! Wonderful video! What is the café you are in in the first section? Looks really nice! Thank you

    • Hello Lea, thank you. The first cafe is Cafe Diglas in Fleischmarkt, and the second cafe is Beaulieu in Palais Ferstel. kisses, Silia

      • Lea

        Thank you very much! Your blog is really inspiring, congratulations for it and a Happy New Year!

        • Dear Lea, I am doing my best to provide quality content. It’s a hard work that requires days of work in front of the computer. So, I am glad to see that people love it. Thank you for your appreciation.

  • Kelly

    This was a lovely video story. I felt the magic of Vienna either traveling alone or meeting friends. The camera work in the scene with you in the cafe and filming outside the window was wonderful. Happy New Year!

    • Dear Kelly, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment here and thank you for your feedback. We love to know what your thoughts regarding our work. Happy New Year, kisses from Vienna! Silia xxx

  • Regis Chen

    Wow! What a Christmas journey. Loved the storytelling. I felt like I was walking the streets with you throughout the video.
    I’ll be visiting Vienna in the spring, and I want to retrace the places you went.

    • I know you are coming to Vienna to pig out, and not to retrace the places I went hahaha

  • Hi Silia,
    Totally loved it. It captures the spirit of Christmas from big European cities: the lights, the not so snowy pavements, the window decorations and the cozy cafes. I am a big Christomas fan and this is what I like about it too. I will bookmark your page to get back to it when I counting down to Christmas in the middle of July 🙂

    • Hi Laura, thank you very much for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the TVG video for Xmas. Make sure to check out the other blog posts as well, they will not let you down. Happy New Year’s Eve sweetie!

      • Got you in Instagram- so I will get the updates pretty quick. Happy New Year to you too!

  • Ron

    Wonderful !

  • Amalia K.

    Μπράβο σου!! Εξαιρετική δουλειά!!! Καλή κ δημιουργική χρονιά!!!

  • JavierMartz

    Wow! I want to visit vienna but, by the time, your vídeo shows just like i think it is. Love from México. #BridgesNotWalls

  • Diana Casalis

    This is so magical and beautiful! I am so in love with the visuals, the atmosphere you created, the lights, the ALL!!
    Bravo! Keep the good work!
    Diana from