Breakfast at Parlor

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breakfast at Parlor

Recently someone on Instagram thanked me for all the Vienna tips that helped him to get to know Vienna better. I am still surprised by the fact that my initial idea of making my personal Vienna travel guide and chronicle my discoveries ultimately works. The Viennese Girl blog is about two years old and I gladly keep on writing all my Vienna findings and places I visit in this city where I live, so you can visit them too. So here is to one more of those Vienna discoveries:

Lately, a good friend of mine and I had breakfast at Parlor, a living room decorated in black and white with Vitra Accessoires. My friend and I enjoyed the breakfast, taking pictures inside Parlor and the views over Stadtpark from the 12th floor of Intercontinental Lounge. Thanks for the warm welcome, we’ll be back soon! ♥

You can find more info about the Parlor restaurant here.

  • Sieht echt schön aus! Toller Lokaltipp 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  • Kirsten Wick

    Oh thanks so much for this, I’ve had this on my list and now you’ve convinced me to go. My hubs is in Vienna for 3 months before we move to the UK and as I’m a freelancer I spend a lot of time there and have the chance to explore Vienna and love it so much. LOVE this city. Kirsten xx