Back to Paradise

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Back to paradise, in other words, back to this beautiful island called Samos where I come every summer. My direct flight from Vienna to Samos had a delay of about 4 hours because of the strikes at the airport in Greece. I spent more hours waiting in the airport of Vienna than inside the airplane during the flight but I am here, so no complaints. I was supposed to land on the Greek territory at 15.00pm approximately and drive directly to the beach and even wore a bikini under my clothes, but because of the delay, my direct visit to the beach was postponed for the following day.

I had a very warm welcome by friends and family here, even fireworks in the sky. Apparently not for my arrival but for a local festivity in Pythagorion on that day. The day after my arrival we went to Tsamadou beach and spent the whole day there, then we headed to the village next to the beach, Kokkari, where we had an evening stroll before we get back home. On this post I share some photos of Kokkari.

So glad to see them all again, friends and family, and I enjoy my time by doing simple things that I missed so much, like eating cheese pie at 3.00 am in the night and drinking granita by the sea. So glad to be back to paradise and to call this piece of heaven on earth home sweet home.♥