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Volksgarten Pavillon

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Volksgarten Pavillon (5)
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Volksgarten Pavillon (13)
Volksgarten Pavillon (12)
I love Volksgarten Pavillon in Vienna for two personal reasons:

First reason: it reminds me of Samos.

Second reason: this is the place where my best friend in Vienna and I used to catch up during the summer.

Volksgarten Pavillon (16)

Volksgarten Pavillon (15)
Volksgarten Pavillon (14)

Finally the weather is warm again in Vienna, and we can spend some time together sitting outside here. The decoration is a little bit strange. By saying strange, I mean that it has a touch of vintage and it looks a bit untended.

It’s not really a fancy place but it evokes a certain summer mood, summer feeling and a lot of carefreeness. Although it is located in the center of Vienna, near to Hofburg, it seems that it’s not discovered by tourists yet, but after this post I don’t know… 🙂

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Coffee Pirates

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Coffee Pirates (8)

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Coffee Pirates (5)
Coffee Pirates (4)

Coffee Pirates (6)Coffee Pirates (9)

I loved the Coffee Pirates. Ideal meeting point in Vienna for a hot chocolate and slice of cake before the uni lesson starts or in between lessons for a pause. You will probably not see any tourist in Coffee Pirates, situated next to Altes AKH in 9th district, but rather young students who crowd the entrance and make it difficult for me to open the door to step outside. Rumors say that they make very nice coffee there, but since I never drink coffee, I am not able to know. You have to try and find out yourself. What I especially liked was the decoration and the coffee cups in what they serve their drinks. This place is very very cute, and here on The Viennese Girl blog, you know, we love all the cute things in life ♥