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Breakfast at Schönbrunn

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The other day I had to wake up very early to get to Schönbrunn to take some pictures before it got crowded by people. After the work was done, I took some time for myself and had a rest and of course breakfast at Landtmann’s Jausen Station Meierei in Schönbrunn. Everytime I visit Schönbrunn, I always have a break for a cup of tea or something. If not in Café Gloriette, then at Landtmann’s Jausen Station Meierei.
As you can tell from the photos, I always take pleasure of snapping pictures of everything cute around me for The Viennese Girl blog. This cafe with all those colorful chairs and tables, situated in an idyllic spot and a bit difficult for tourists to find, was cute enough for me to make me want to take some photographs of it. ♥