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Little cafes out of the first district in Vienna are the one that I like the most because of their special character that make them stand out from all the coffee places crowded with tourists in the center. One of those little cute cafes is Wunderladen, situated in the 4th district, behind Karlsplatz. Wunderladen is even more special because it’s not just a simple coffee house but also a fashion cafe where you can find some pieces of clothing designed by Austrian designers.

I had the chance to meet Sabrina in person today. She owns the shop which opened in April 2014. Her mother made me and my friend Jasmina two yummy toasts with a lot of cheese inside and with it a rose lemonade and warm punsch. We slumped onto two big comfortable armchairs in front of the window display and did some people watching. Now I am writing this, I think… this could be the right place for me to celebrate my birthday next March….hmmm!!♥