We are all mad here

We are all mad here We are all mad here 25 hours hotel vienna 25 hours hotel vienna 25 hours hotel viennawhat I ordered is a white pizza with Gorgonzola and pears

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We are all mad here is one of the motto of one favourite place of mine in Vienna: 25hours hotel. You don’t have to be a guest hotel to enjoy the loft bar but if you want to go for a dinner at the 1500 foodmakers restaurant, which is situated in the groundfloor of the hotel, remember to make a reservation some days in advance. I have been told that this hotel was home for students in the past, but they totally renovated it and choose the circus theme for the decor in the hotel rooms, the restaurant, and the loft bar.  I felt like I was part of a circus with clowns, acrobats, and jugglers.

I especially like the loft bar on Wednesdays because Herr Hermes play swing music and people dance on that particular day. And it seems that I am not the only one that likes to go there on Wednesday, since the place is full and usually you have to wait on the queue. If the place is full, they don’t let you in. They say you have to wait until somebody gets out. And I find it fair, so the bar is pleasant for everybody and you have more possibilities to find a place to sit.

As for the summer, everybody is on the terrace. During the day but in the night as well, this hotel is the place to be because….they are all mad there. They really are…in a nice way! ♥