The Viennese Girl Blog EVENT

the viennese girl blog event

Christmas holiday is over and the ball season will soon begin in Vienna. In between, I have some exciting news. When I met Sabrina in person and visited her fashion cafe in the 4th district of Vienna, I thought “it would be nice to organize a small after work event with those who follow The Viennese Girl blog on the web and Instagram.” I asked Sabrina if I have the permission to organize something like that in her fashion cafe and I am glad to say that Sabrina liked my idea and expressed her agreement to host the event.

Why? I receive many emails now and then from people in Vienna who read my blog, follow my Vienna tips and want to meet me in person. Because I don’t have the time to meet them, each and every one, I decided to make this event, so by doing this, I ‘ll have the chance to meet you all who are interested in the blog and wish you “happy new year” in person. It’s the first time that I organize something like that, so to be honest, we have no sponsorship, neither do we sell any product. It’s not going to be a big event with big happenings. Just come as you are, either alone or with your friends and bring your best smile. It will be a nice opportunity to toast with you to the New Year ahead.

How to participate: Please keep in mind that the cafe is small. In order to organize it better and not have problem with the space, you must follow this link on Facebook and click on YES/NO/MAYBE. This is essential, because we need to know how many persons will show up and help us to organize it better.

Where and when: The event will take place at Wunderladen Cafe on Friday, 16 January 2015 and will start at 18.00.

Thank you, Silia! ♥