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How do you prepare yourself to travel? Don’t tell me you are like my cousin that does nothing (sorry cousin). I remember that every time we were about to visit a European capital city together, he did absolutely nothing. I was the one who did all the research on the web before the departure. This means reading blogs for tips, writing long lists with the things that we should see and do, downloading maps, and buying museum tickets. My cousin did nothing maybe because he knew that he had a hard core traveler on his side and he could just relax and rely on me. To be honest to you, I find pleasure on preparing a trip and collecting useful information but on the other side, I would love it if someone someday would organize a trip for me and i would have to do absolutely nothing. Someone who would say to me “I have booked everything, you don’t have to do something.” How cool would that be?

Unfortunately I don’t get to travel as much as I wish I did and that has as result me playing the tourist in my own town. I guess, that is a bad symptom of a person who was bitten by the travel bug but doesn’t travel that often. Photos of this post are taken at the Tourist Info Office in Albertinaplatz. For all the avid travelers like me that are about to visit Vienna, check my blog for Vienna tips and once you are here, visit the Tourist Info Office to get brochures and maps that they have created for you. There are so many brochures for free in different languages and people who work there are willing to welcome and help you to make your stay unforgettable. ♥