The Viennese Girl For Trendsylvania

The Viennese Girl for Trendsylvania

May gives me many ups and downs but I shouldn’t complain, especially when I think that 3 magazines in Austria mentioned The Viennese Girl blog and I am glad that Trendsylvania is one of those. A style catalogue and fashion design magazine that you can find free of charge at the Humanic Stores in Vienna.

We teamed up with Trendsylvania and offer you a survival kit made up of summer clothing essentials. A little photo of me and a description of my blog are also included in the article. If you go to a Humanic store, look for the Trendsylvania magazine and me! I hope you are going to like it and that you are going to find your own summer essentials. Ahhh, I am looking forward to relaxing summer days and nights somewhere in the Aegean, in one of the Greek islands of course…♥