The Viennese Girl for Madonna magazine

the viennese girl blog for Madonna magazine

Today I woke up pretty late. At 10.30am. But it’s Saturday and I am excused, right? I looked at my mobile and I had at least 4 messages from friends telling me that they saw me in Madonna magazine. Although I knew that the article would be published at beginning of May, I needed some time to realize it. At this point, I have a chance to say that blogging and photography is a hard work, and if you want to have a successful blog, it demands a lot of hard work, so I am glad that all this work get recognized from magazines and people like my work and I feel thankful for this. It all started as a hobby, as an idea to escape from the routine but it’s growing fast now and although I have a vision and goal, what is happening still feels sometimes surreal.

So, this weekend started with great news. The Viennese girl blog is featured in Madonna magazine. One whole page dedicated to The Viennese Girl blog with a nice text and beautiful photos from Tony Gigov wearing Patricia Vincent. You can find the online version here. Now I want to know how would you feel if you see photos of yourself in a magazine? ♥

  • Shooting_Vienna

    Congratulations on your article in Madonna, you deserve it! 🙂

  • Frank Hochban

    Congratulations! I am happy that you are getting the recognition that you deserve. Your blog is one of the most positive, fun and delicious places that i love to visit. As far as seeing pictures of myself in a magazine, I would be hoping that the photographer was good at photoshop.LOL. You however, I am sure they could grab any photo as you always look fantastic.

    • hahaha Frank! The truth is that I don’t look nice in each and every photo, believe me!

  • Carly

    Congratulations looks fantastic! Great to see bloggers getting some attention in Austrian regular media 🙂