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Vienna in December

Vienna in December  (6)

Vienna in December  (8)
Vienna in December

Vienna in December  (1)

Vienna in December  (4)
Vienna in December  (7)

vienna in december

vienna in december  (10)
vienna in december  (9)

I am very happy to share those snapshots with you because I like them pretty much! They are so festive, so christmassy, exactly how Vienna is in December. And those white Lipizzaner horses, how beautiful they are! Christmas is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy those days with your loveliest ones.♥

Lady in black

lady in black in viennalady in black (1)lady in black (4)lady in black (2)lady in black (5)

Lady in black is me around Vienna holding my camera. That camera that I finally bought in December makes my life difficult, but my feelings still stay positive. Somehow, someday that camera and me will get along with each other. Fortunately I have plenty of free time during Christmas to devote myself to getting along with the camera by watching some videos and gain some knowledge about RAW and one editing program. I must admit, I am very fussy with photos and maybe…with everything in life. I usually take approximately 100-200 photos per day and at the end only 2-6 will be online and still I am not that content with the result. Thanks to Mister Flo Patrick who joined my Viennese adventures in the center of Vienna and took some shots of me. As you see on the photos above, Vienna is festive in December. Christmas trees and Christmas markets everywhere around you and many tourists as well. I am dressed in black, although I don’t like the black colour. Next blog post should have the title “Lady in white”. ♥



Spittelberg Spittelberg

Spittelberg has been my favourite area in Vienna (not only mine I guess) throughout the year. Those picturesque cobblestone pedestrian streets with dollhouses are so beautiful (at least their facade – no idea what is happening inside) that everytime I look at them make me wonder “Why I cannot have an apartment here?”.

On December, people usually come to Spittelberg for the Christmas market. But there are reasons for which I visit Spittelberg in the rest of the year. There are restaurants, pubs, small shops, and above all, the lovely shop of the Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek. I personally visit the Spittelberg Christmas market once per year but if I am not in the mood of mingling with the crowd, I still come here the rest of the year. The quarter has a village-like character, ideal for walkaways with a charme of a past decade.♥

Spread the word

Blogs or newspaper? What do you prefer to read? My father never stops telling me that I should read the news and I don’t dare to tell him that I prefer surfing on Internet and reading those links below:

♥Once I was talking to my friend in NY, who happens to know me well, and while we had an interesting conversation, suddenly he told me that I am “an old soul”. I didn’t ask him at that moment what “old soul” meant. This expression remained in my mind and some days after I found this article that states the 14 signs of being an old soul.

♥On October I met Seth, a young journalist from NY, and we visited together Karl Marx-Hof in the 19th district in Vienna. Thank you Seth for incorporating my blog into your article in the newspaper DER STANDARD.

♥I love Sarah Jessica Parker and she loves Greece. Watch this video to find out 73 Things You Never Knew about her.

♥Thank you Miriam for the interview.

♥Business of fashion is the equivalent to New York Times, when it comes to fashion and one of my favorite websites. It helps to understand a lot about the fashion industry.


haashaas haashaas
I have been to Haas&Haas several times. It’s that place, right behind Stephan’s cathedral. Well, it’s definitely not one of my favorite cafes but I must admit they probably make the best hot chocolate in town. Cafe Sperl and Haas&Haas do it like the Italians. I am talking about the thick creamy hot chocolate, and not the liquid one. Besides the hot chocolate, they also have a very big tea selection, which makes it ideal for those who are into afternoon tea, scones, and small sandwiches. However, on my last visit, I didn’t crave the hot chocolate; I chose that toast with egg inside as the photo proves (and I really don’t understand why they put all those chopped chives on it – I didn’t ask for it).

Besides, I didn’t take any photo of the decoration as the Cafe was full of people and I prefer not to take pictures of people that I don’t know who happen to be there and enjoying their meal. If you visit Haas&Haas, don’t forget to visit the shop next to the cafe. You will find countless delicious delicacies.♥

November on Instagram

november on instagram

Here is a collage of some of the photos I took around Vienna on November. Some of you might don’t believe me when I say that I take those photos with my mobile but I really do. By the way, I plan to buy a camera in the near future and then hopefully I will realize other plans that I have had on my mind for a long time.

Anyway, I am glad you follow my Viennese adventures on the streets of Vienna and I hope you enjoy it like I do. By keeping myself busy and doing the things I like, I fight against the winter blues in November when we mostly have cold, dark, short days in Vienna. (And don’t believe me if ever I say that I like to be in Vienna in November! I would rather be in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth, somewhere in Hamilton island, where the temperature hits 20 degrees.)

Christmas in Vienna

christmas in viennachristmas in vienna (6)christmas in vienna (3)christmas in viennachristmas in vienna (4)christmas in vienna (7) christmas in vienna (8)This will be my fourth Christmas in Vienna, my fourth Christmas abroad. I remember that when I was in Athens, I had always dreamed of celebrating Christmas abroad but a Christmas season travel to one (any) of the European cities had always remained a dream. I don’t know exactly why, but I guess maybe because either high prices during Christmas or none of my friends wanting to come with me in the season deterred me from traveling in the past.
When I came to Vienna, things changed completely. I realized that it doesn’t really matter whether you celebrate Christmas abroad or at home. What matters the most is having around you, not only on Christmas but especially on Christmas, people who love you and make you laugh out loud.

Vienna puts on her best clothes to welcome Christmas and all its guests. Imagine how many people visit Vienna for Christmas. And I know why. Tell me where else in the world you can find such a beautiful street decoration. In my opinion, all the streets are well decorated but my favourite are the chandeliers in Graben. Impressive and elegant at the same time. But it’s not only the festive decoration on the streets. Have you visited the Christmas markets and can say which one is your favourite? The Christmas market at Rathausplatz is the most visited, that’s why, even if I like it, you will never see me there within the crowds. My favourite is at the Spittelberg area in the 7th district. But you should definitely not miss the Christmas market of Maria-Theresien-Platz, the one at Schloss Belvedere, the one at Karlsplatz, and at Unicampus in the 9th district and many others. When we talk about Christmas, how can I forget the first post of this blog?

So let’s summarize dear friends: if you are dreaming of magical, unforgettable, dashing Christmas holidays, book a flight to Vienna, pack your things, and take your friends with you. Remember: only those who make you laugh out loud because life (and Christmas) is better when you are laughing.

The Viennese Girl Blog

the viennese girl blog
the viennese girl blog

Photos by: V-Light Photography

I spend a lot of time reflecting on the Viennese girl project, not out of insecurity, but out of desire to provide readers with interesting content. I wouldn’t dare to say high quality content because I am afraid I am still far away from it, but I am working to that direction, it just takes time like all the good things in life. Nothing happens overnight, it’s a long process. Maybe it is the fact that it starts gaining visibility, and the more visibility it gains, more it scares me and motivates me at the same time to become better and better. I wouldn’t be happy if somebody visits the website and says, “it was a waste of time,” but on the other side, I have a friend who keeps telling me: you are too beautiful to be sad.

Although this blog started for fun, I should admit that I take it seriously. I thought a lot about it and made up my mind: good suggestions are more than welcome, suggestions not that good will be rejected. Sometimes we have to know to say No, when something doesn’t fit or doesn’t bring any value to what we are doing in life, right?

Despite the fact that I am neither a photographer, nor a journalist, nor do I have any idea on advertising and marketing, I use my brain, heart and instict, and I believe in that saying: practice makes the master. If you want something badly, you can achieve it.

Soon the Viennese girl blog will celebrate its birthday. The first year of existence was something like an experimental year; so far I didn’t get any bad feedback and still I feel so excited having that little corner on the web where I can express myself through writing and photography. I suppose that you all know that if we are alone in the world we cannot achieve anything. Of course there were persons who helped me and still help making this project reality. It’s such a nice feeling to have people that support you and believe in what you do, even if they are on the other parts of this earth!! They know who they are.♥

Sweet November

sweet november sweet november sweet november sweet november viennaImagine a city adorned with yellow, brown, amber, and orange leaves. This is how Vienna looks like at the moment. Autumnal colors and a sense of calmness in the air. The best is that those leaves are still on the trees but on the ground as well. I am a summer person but it is this time of the year that I like nature the most and fortunately in Vienna there are many gorgeous parks to explore. Don’t miss a walk in Burggarten, Volksgarten, Schönbrunn garten, but above all, in Prater Park before winter comes for good. I spent some hours this week marveling at these parks and couldn’t help but taking many pictures. Unfortunately this magical scenery will not last long. Trees will soon be bare, leaves on the ground will disappear, Santa Claus is coming to town.

Photos below by: V-Light Photography

prater vienna
prater (2)

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