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Vienna in 2 days

vienna in 2 days (5)
vienna in 2 days (2)

vienna in 2 days (7)

vienna in 2 days (6)
vienna in 2 days (8)

2 days in Vienna (6)

2 days in Vienna (8)
vienna in 2 days

vienna in 2 days (13)

vienna in 2 days (12)
vienna in 2 days (11)
vienna in 2 days (1)
2 days in Vienna (7)

Although I have shared many Vienna travel tips on The Viennese Girl blog, I still receive emails from people asking me what to do and where to go during their stay in Vienna. Recently, a friend of mine (pictured in the photos above) visited me for 2 days in Vienna. As it was her first visit to Vienna, before her arrival, I was thinking of how to make the best of those 2 days for her, so I wrote down a 2 day program. If you are in Vienna in December, here are my recommendations, according to the program my friend and I followed:

1st day:

We started the day with a breakfast at Cafe little Britain. Then we went to the city centre, and roamed around the streets during the daylight. I showed her the most central streets like Graben, Kohlmarkt and Kärntnerstrasse. Afterwards, I brought my friend to see the view of the city from the top of Stephansdom. After that we went to Beaulieu for a little snack and to warm up our body as it has been cold, very cold outside. That was probably the most beautiful part of the whole day, because of the very Christmassy atmosphere in Palais Ferstel, where this french bistro is situated, and I ordered my favourite baguette with salmon and a rose lemonade, as always. So the day couldn’t end here without paying a visit to a Christmas market at Spittelberg. After the Christmas market, we ended up at the bar of 25 hours Hotel sipping wine. We headed back home, but of course if you still have time and energy, you can visit the Christmas markets in Rathaus, Maria-Theresien-Platz, in Museumsquartier and in Karlsplatz or maybe some of them…

2nd day:

The day started with breakfast at Nascha’s. We simply loved it and we had to fill ourselves up with energy for the long day ahead us. After breakfast, I took my friend to Belvedere. Here, you have 3 options: visit the museum, visit the Christmas market and the gardens. We went back to the center on foot and head over to Sacher Hotel for a Sacher Torte. Then we had two options: either visiting Schönbrunn or going to a restaurant for Schnitzel. We opted for the second option, as it was cold outside and we preferred to stay indoors. My friend wanted to check out that famous Viennese dish, the schnitzel. Last stop of the day was at the bar of Sofitel for some cocktails.

I hope you got some nice ideas from this blog post…ah wait: don’t forget to visit Naschmarkt…♥





Photos by Tony Gigov

How do you define entertainment? What entertains you most? I was telling Tony that most people enjoy going out at night, smoking and drinking until late in the morning. But in my opinion, Vienna is a place that has more to offer during the day than in the night. For me entertainment is for example meeting a friend in a park, sitting on a bench, having a nice conversation and taking some pictures like I did with Tony in our visit at Belvedere gardens.

Have you ever been to Belvedere? The museum is one of the most significant museums in the world, where you can find Gustav Klimt collection and his most famous painting “The Kiss”. Don’t forget to take a picture in the specially designed mirror like in the photo below. By doing so, you take part in the one-year project “The Perfect Tourist” and you might win one of five extraordinary Belvedere packages. Good luck!

Monsieur Seguin

Monsieur Seguin is the name of the salad I ate some days ago at Le Bol, a delectable salad that you can also make at home. You need to buy the ingredients which are: lettuce, kiwi, pears, figs, tomatoes, raisins and of course the goat cheese that will give a very special flavor and taste to your dish. Mix the ingredients and don’t forget the vinaigrette. It will not only look yummy, it will also taste so. Très jolie.
Le Bol is a lovely french Bistrot and their dishes are delicious and sophisticated. We shouldn’t expect less, it’s French cuisine dear! Have a look here of the dish I ordered some other time at the same place. 


Tichy in Vienna

Tichy in Vienna

tichy in vienna

tichy in vienna
tichy in Vienna

tichy in vienna wien

tichy in vienna ice cream
tichy in Vienna
tichy eis wien vienna blog the viennese girl
tichy in vienna

tichy in vienna

tichy in vienna
tichy in Vienna

tichy in vienna

If I want to be honest to you, I would say that the 10th district is the only district in Vienna that I don’t like to visit. But when the discussion comes to “where do we find the best Eismarillen knödel in the city” we take the metro and we get off at the last station “Reumanplatz” in the 10th district. There you will find Tichy.

The ice cream shop is “hilarious”. A little bit old, the waitresses wear pink uniforms and they run here and there to serve the customers. It is crowded especially when the weather is sunny, and the Eismarillen Knödel works its way into my heart!

The waitress asks me in German: How many of them would you like to have?
The answer is three. Three Eismarillen Knödel a day, keep the doctor away!

Vienna snapshots

A few snapshots from this beautiful city, where I luckily live. Not many things to say. Just to let you know that the Instagramers from all over the world organize a meeting in Vienna on the following Saturday 17.05 and I guess it is going to be very interesting to meet them (people who enjoy taking pictures everyday like me). At the beginning, they were planning to meet at Augarten park but since the weather is not going to be ideal for an outdoor activity, they changed the meeting place and the event starts at 13.00 at Lehargasse 7, 1060 Vienna. Are you ready for an indoor picknick in order to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Instagramers in Vienna?

See you all there.

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Vienna snapshots

Schoenbrunn gardens

Schoenbrunn gardens

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

Whenever I go for a stroll in a Viennese garden and, to be more specific, to Schoenbrunn gardens, I have a neighbor who keeps telling me, “stop doing all the touristic things, you have been living in Vienna for three years and there are many other things to discover and places to go.” So, according to my friend, visitors of Schoenbrunn are mostly tourists and I guess locals who live close by. Schoenbrunn palace to Vienna is like Versailles to Paris: the most popular sight in Vienna. It’s huge, magical, and ideal for taking some pictures with my friend Elena.

If you are curious to see how does this place look like in the winter, have a look here!

Le Loft

Silia_20140427_138 Silia_20140427_030 20140427_163422 20140427_163445

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography (first and second photo)

As you know, the Viennese girl goes everywhere and spies on everything. I have visited this bar many times, during the day but in the night as well and I think that this blog should include a post about this unique place.

Some impressions:

The lift that brings you to the 18th floor is like a dark and black box with a white ceiling, some people are scared, and some are impressed.

I guess the highlight of the roof bar is the colorful ceiling. You have to see it from outside in the night. It something that catches your eyes and makes you wonder: “what is that?”

Βe careful on Saturdays night, because you will probably need a reservation. They will not let you enter in, if the place is full.

One thing that is very disappointing is that they only allow you to sit next to the window only if you go there to eat. Dear Le Loft manager, can you do something to change this? Thank you in advance.

Le Loft Sofitel Vienna
Praterstrasse 11020

Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo

silia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (4)Haus des Meeres - Aqua Terra Zooaquarium vienna by the viennese girl blog (2)Haus des Meeres - Aqua Terra Zooaquarium vienna by the viennese girl blog (1)Haus des Meeres - Aqua Terra Zoo viennasilia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (5)aquarium vienna aquarium zoo wien by silia (1)aquarium zoo wien by silia (2)Meereshaus vienna (1)Meereshaus vienna (2)Meereshaus vienna (4)Meereshaus vienna (5)silia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (3)silia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (6)vienna aquariumhaus des meeres wienhaus des meeres wienaquarium vienna Meereshaus vienna (6)silia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (2)silia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (7)silia the viennese girl blog vienna austria (8)vienna blog the viennese girl

A visit at the aquarium of Vienna (Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo) is absolutely worthwhile, whether you are a tourist or local. I have been living in Vienna for around three years, but had never visited the aquarium before. Strange, I think to myself, but sometimes it happens that we don’t have time to visit all the local places.

The fun already starts at the entrance when you are allowed to touch the Koi fishes and give them a stroke like if they were dogs or cats. Then take the elevator and go first for coffee at the top floor. The view is really spectacular. You have everything at your feet. Then take the stairs and start going down. There is also another floor with a balcony where you can see the roofs of the city closer to you.

What I didn’t like that much was the menu of the cafe at the top floor. Coffee was ok but all the other stuff we ordered wasn’t that delicious. I am addicted to sweets, but I had a look at them and they didn’t convince me to get one. One glance is enough to understand whether sweets are super yummy or not. You shouldn’t go there hungry.

Ideal day to visit the aquarium (Haus des Meeres) is on a sunny day, because you can spend some hours sitting on the balcony and sunbathing and preferably during the week days. Avoid the weekend if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Haus des Meeres
Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1, 1060

Breakfast at Kempinski Vienna

Breakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinskithe viennese girl vienna hotel

Starting the day with a good and relaxing breakfast will always be a good idea. For Easter, my friend and I decided to do something different and this time we chose to have Breakfast at Kempinski. The buffet at Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna was great and delicious but what did I like the most? The salmon (I am a salmon fan), the variety of fresh juices, especially the carrot juice, and the variety of cheeses. In general, the service was excellent, the staff was friendly, and the overall experience was a special one.

A more personal info: While tasting the Roquefort cheese, it was so fun listening to my friend commenting that my eyes have the shape of an almond! The almond eyes!♥

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