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Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

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Hands down my favourite plaza in Paris. Every time I visit Paris, I pay a visit Place des Vosges as well and this time my favourite plaza in Paris was full of people lying on the grass and there was no free bench to sit down, so I just took some pictures and went to eat something at Carette restaurant which is next to Place des Vosges. Once, I visited Place des Vosges on February and I still remember how different it was, still beautiful but empty. In an ideal life, I would have an appartment next to this plaza (of course, with view to this plaza) and every morning would start with ice cream like this from Amorino which is right next in the corner.


visit Paris in spring

How likely is it to see this scenery in Paris? Only if you visit Paris in spring I guess. On the other side, I am not sure for how long those trees blossom in front of Tour Eiffel but they were there when I visited Paris last week and I wasn’t the only one who was taking pictures of them. It was like a competition: who is going to take the best picture? 🙂

When I was standing in front of that scenery, I felt sorry that I didn’t have a full frame camera to snap a picture that would take all of Tour Eiffel in its frame. But anyways, it’s not bad even that way.

Is spring the best season to visit Paris? I think spring is the best season to travel to almost every destination. But to be honest, during my last visit in Paris last week, I felt rather more like it was summer than spring. Such a nice welcome I got. So, thank you Paris.♥