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Schottentor Vienna

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While everybody else was waiting to catch the next tram, I was taking photos of the cherry blossoms. I really feel like a tourist in my own city and I have a lot of fun with it. While everybody else was in a hurry to get back home or work, tell me, how could I ignore those blossoming cherry trees with Votiv church in the background? Only the cars were disturbing my visual creativity at that moment but I couldn’t do anything to stop them. (Excuse me mister driver, could you please stop driving on that street because at this moment I need to take a photo of the cherry blossom?) I am sure people would look at me strangely too, but I knew I shouldn’t miss that shot.

Schottentor is one of the most frequented and busiest metro stations in Vienna, located between the first and ninth district opposite to the University of Vienna. Not only the U2 metro line but also many trams depart from Schottentor towards the 9th district and 19th district.♥

Coffee Pirates

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Coffee Pirates (8)

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I loved the Coffee Pirates. Ideal meeting point in Vienna for a hot chocolate and slice of cake before the uni lesson starts or in between lessons for a pause. You will probably not see any tourist in Coffee Pirates, situated next to Altes AKH in 9th district, but rather young students who crowd the entrance and make it difficult for me to open the door to step outside. Rumors say that they make very nice coffee there, but since I never drink coffee, I am not able to know. You have to try and find out yourself. What I especially liked was the decoration and the coffee cups in what they serve their drinks. This place is very very cute, and here on The Viennese Girl blog, you know, we love all the cute things in life ♥

Neni am Naschmarkt

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I am sure you know that restaurant in Vienna. Who doesn’t? Neni am Naschmarkt is that cool restaurant where I am heading to everytime I visit Naschmarkt, and it’s definitely my last stop after strolling around, especially in the summer, and love sitting at the tables outside doing some people watching. I need a bit of luck, though, to find a free table outside, or on the ground floor because I don’t like being seated on the second floor (you see, it’s also very dark for the photos). Nevertheless, you have to visit that place too if you are a tourist in Vienna for some days. Just visit Naschmarkt and stop by at Neni restaurant to try the chocolate soufflé, Caesar’s salad, meatballs as well and maybe falafel, or whatever you are craving.♥

Burgring 1

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Between university exams and photography lessons, I managed to catch up with some dear friends over a cup of coffee. Here is to another cafe that we visited most recently. Burgring 1 has its address as the name and a special character because of its shabby-chic interior. Besides, this is one more place in Vienna where I can speak Italian with the staff! If I am in the area, between Burggarten and Mariahilferstrasse, and have some spare time, I stop by for a laid back -chocolate- drink. Three are the things that I like at Burgring 1: the lights dangling from the ceiling, the comfortable couches, and the big windows – I guess because I always have that habit to do some people watching of those passing by.♥

Vienna tips

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How do you prepare yourself to travel? Don’t tell me you are like my cousin that does nothing (sorry cousin). I remember that every time we were about to visit a European capital city together, he did absolutely nothing. I was the one who did all the research on the web before the departure. This means reading blogs for tips, writing long lists with the things that we should see and do, downloading maps, and buying museum tickets. My cousin did nothing maybe because he knew that he had a hard core traveler on his side and he could just relax and rely on me. To be honest to you, I find pleasure on preparing a trip and collecting useful information but on the other side, I would love it if someone someday would organize a trip for me and i would have to do absolutely nothing. Someone who would say to me “I have booked everything, you don’t have to do something.” How cool would that be?

Unfortunately I don’t get to travel as much as I wish I did and that has as result me playing the tourist in my own town. I guess, that is a bad symptom of a person who was bitten by the travel bug but doesn’t travel that often. Photos of this post are taken at the Tourist Info Office in Albertinaplatz. For all the avid travelers like me that are about to visit Vienna, check my blog for Vienna tips and once you are here, visit the Tourist Info Office to get brochures and maps that they have created for you. There are so many brochures for free in different languages and people who work there are willing to welcome and help you to make your stay unforgettable. ♥

Simply raw bakery

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In 2014 I received many emails from people that enjoyed my Vienna tips and wanted to thank me for all this information that I provided through my blog. The love I received every time they contacted me and the gratitude I feel now is so huge that they make me keep on working on this project of mine in 2015. I am very happy that the category Dear Vienna resulted to be a lovely English speaking city guide that you can find on the web for free. For those who reside in Vienna and those who will visit Vienna. Sometimes I get to know those persons who write to me like that family who came from Greece to Vienna for a couple of days on Christmas. It was so nice getting to know them in person, drinking a cup of hot chocolate together at Le Bol and getting a feedback for the city and my Vienna tips.

Today I am going to write about another special place located in the center of Vienna that is called Simply Raw Bakery. We made it on time to catch that sofa next to the fireplace before it started snowing. We ordered a cup of coffee and smoothie and listened to French music. To my surprise, there was also a dog whose name is Mojito. Mojito was very lovely, quiet and shy. He let me cuddle him but he didn’t let me take a picture of him (why Mojito?). As soon as he understood that I was going to snap a photo of him, he was going back to his bed (and again, why Mojito?). At Simply Raw Bakery you can have wireless internet and you can pay with Bankomat (debit card), two things that are important to mention.

The Simply Raw Bakery is now my Simply Love Bakery in Vienna, even if Mojito ignored my wish to take a picture of him.♥

Breakfast at Motto am Fluss

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As I spend these days, day after day, in libraries in front of the screen of my computer, hidden behind a pile of books, doing some research on Italian cinema and trying to write a thesis, I thought I should spoil myself with a rich breakfast and headed straight to that place next to the Danube canal which is called Motto am Fluss before heading to the library. Saying that, it’s obviously not my favorite way of spending my days, my cell phone attracts my attention and I cheat a little bit looking at photos on Instagram (I hope the professor doesn’t read this).

Breakfast at Motto am Fluss is always a nice experience, I usually order pancakes with fruits, homemade rosemary lemonade, and chocolate croissant with almonds, and all tastes super delicious but do you know what I like most? Their logo!! Yes indeed, I find it really cute. All in all, a place to visit again and again. ♥

Breakfast at Motto am Fluss


Although we are in the middle of the exams period, I couldn’t refuse the invitation of a good friend for a tasteful omelette at Freiraum. How could I refuse when It only takes me five minutes on foot to reach Freiraum and omelette tastes so good at this bar restaurant in Vienna. I always choose the area for non smokers and enjoy the modern and stylish interior and the variety of the dishes. Freiraum is not my favourite restaurant in Vienna but it is a must to visit and whatever you order, be sure that it will taste delicious. ♥

Mariahilfer straße 117, 1060 Vienna
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