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There was a girl on Instagram who recommended me to go and visit that place behind the Ubahn metro line U3 Schlachthausgasse. You see, I am not used to hang out around this area, so this is how I discovered that place. Vienna continues to surprise me pleasantly although I should admit that the architecture of the houses left and right to that street was not exaclty to my liking and it was a little photography challenge to snap the blossoming trees while avoiding the buildings.

When I was taking those pictures, initially I had no intention to upload them on The Viennese Girl blog but then I gave it a second thought and felt the need to share them here with you all.

The fairy tale scenery that you see in the photos above only lasted for about two weeks. It’s like all the beautiful things in life that don’t last that long. ♥

The Viennese Girl for Madonna magazine

the viennese girl blog for Madonna magazine

Today I woke up pretty late. At 10.30am. But it’s Saturday and I am excused, right? I looked at my mobile and I had at least 4 messages from friends telling me that they saw me in Madonna magazine. Although I knew that the article would be published at beginning of May, I needed some time to realize it. At this point, I have a chance to say that blogging and photography is a hard work, and if you want to have a successful blog, it demands a lot of hard work, so I am glad that all this work get recognized from magazines and people like my work and I feel thankful for this. It all started as a hobby, as an idea to escape from the routine but it’s growing fast now and although I have a vision and goal, what is happening still feels sometimes surreal.

So, this weekend started with great news. The Viennese girl blog is featured in Madonna magazine. One whole page dedicated to The Viennese Girl blog with a nice text and beautiful photos from Tony Gigov wearing Patricia Vincent. You can find the online version here. Now I want to know how would you feel if you see photos of yourself in a magazine? ♥

Schottentor Vienna

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While everybody else was waiting to catch the next tram, I was taking photos of the cherry blossoms. I really feel like a tourist in my own city and I have a lot of fun with it. While everybody else was in a hurry to get back home or work, tell me, how could I ignore those blossoming cherry trees with Votiv church in the background? Only the cars were disturbing my visual creativity at that moment but I couldn’t do anything to stop them. (Excuse me mister driver, could you please stop driving on that street because at this moment I need to take a photo of the cherry blossom?) I am sure people would look at me strangely too, but I knew I shouldn’t miss that shot.

Schottentor is one of the most frequented and busiest metro stations in Vienna, located between the first and ninth district opposite to the University of Vienna. Not only the U2 metro line but also many trams depart from Schottentor towards the 9th district and 19th district.♥