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Vienna in September

Vienna in September

I came to a friend’s flat for a couple of days and as I came home alone and tried to open the door, I guess I was doing something wrong and therefore the door didn’t open. I was standing in front of the door with my big pink suitcase, totally frustrated, with one hand trying to open the door and with the other hand speaking to my friend on the cell phone. Suddenly an old man from the apartment across showed up and started asking me if I am a burglar or if I am allowed to enter the flat. He made me really nervous with his nonsense questions, I told him that I am not a burglar and fortunately he locked his door and left me alone.
Later on, when I managed to open the door and entered, it suddenly started raining cats and dogs. The rain didn’t last long and afterwards a multicolored rainbow appeared in the sky. I don’t see rainbows often and at that moment I remained completely in awe because it was like a surprise, a magical one.

Conclusions of September:

1. There is no better welcoming in a flat, than a rainbow in front of your window.
2. And for God’s sake!! You never ask a lady with a pink suitcase if she is a burglar.

In a nutshell, Vienna in September wasn’t so nice; therefore I am glad September is coming to an end.

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