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Neni am Naschmarkt

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I am sure you know that restaurant in Vienna. Who doesn’t? Neni am Naschmarkt is that cool restaurant where I am heading to everytime I visit Naschmarkt, and it’s definitely my last stop after strolling around, especially in the summer, and love sitting at the tables outside doing some people watching. I need a bit of luck, though, to find a free table outside, or on the ground floor because I don’t like being seated on the second floor (you see, it’s also very dark for the photos). Nevertheless, you have to visit that place too if you are a tourist in Vienna for some days. Just visit Naschmarkt and stop by at Neni restaurant to try the chocolate soufflé, Caesar’s salad, meatballs as well and maybe falafel, or whatever you are craving.♥


Himmelblauvienna cakes wien austria

Kutschkermarkt wien
Kutschkermarkt vienna

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There isn’t a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon rather than catching up with dear friends in a super cute cafe like Himmelblau, which means azure in English. This was actually my second visit at Himmelblau. I remember the first time I visited it was back in summer, you can find my summery visit here. This time I took some pictures outside in the Kutschkermarkt and later on I jumped into Himmelblau to warm up. Our coffee was served in azure cups, we made ourselves comfortable and uploaded some spontaneous photos of the three of us on Instagram.♥

Burgring 1

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burgring 1
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Between university exams and photography lessons, I managed to catch up with some dear friends over a cup of coffee. Here is to another cafe that we visited most recently. Burgring 1 has its address as the name and a special character because of its shabby-chic interior. Besides, this is one more place in Vienna where I can speak Italian with the staff! If I am in the area, between Burggarten and Mariahilferstrasse, and have some spare time, I stop by for a laid back -chocolate- drink. Three are the things that I like at Burgring 1: the lights dangling from the ceiling, the comfortable couches, and the big windows – I guess because I always have that habit to do some people watching of those passing by.♥

cold weather

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Photo © Elena Azzalini Photography

I really wonder how do we manage to take all those photos when it’s so cold, windy and sometimes rainy outside. It’s like a hobby you like so much and you are not willing to give up even if you have to undertake it under those unpleasant circumstances. It was very cold when we snapped those photos. Cold weather is definitely not for me and definitely not a good idea for shooting outdoors.

But there are so many beautiful details around Vienna that we can hardly keep ourselves from not shooting, details that catch my attention and sweep me off my feet. This blog post includes many things I love lately. My new pair of boots from Zara, my xmas present from Mango, city lights, streets of Vienna, and one of my favorite chocolate shops.♥

Vienna in December

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Vienna in December

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vienna in december

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I am very happy to share those snapshots with you because I like them pretty much! They are so festive, so christmassy, exactly how Vienna is in December. And those white Lipizzaner horses, how beautiful they are! Christmas is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy those days with your loveliest ones.♥



Spittelberg Spittelberg

Spittelberg has been my favourite area in Vienna (not only mine I guess) throughout the year. Those picturesque cobblestone pedestrian streets with dollhouses are so beautiful (at least their facade – no idea what is happening inside) that everytime I look at them make me wonder “Why I cannot have an apartment here?”.

On December, people usually come to Spittelberg for the Christmas market. But there are reasons for which I visit Spittelberg in the rest of the year. There are restaurants, pubs, small shops, and above all, the lovely shop of the Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek. I personally visit the Spittelberg Christmas market once per year but if I am not in the mood of mingling with the crowd, I still come here the rest of the year. The quarter has a village-like character, ideal for walkaways with a charme of a past decade.♥


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Ah, those days of the year! I spend most of the time indoors, although I’d rather walk around the streets of Vienna. The weather doesn’t help that much. It’s cold, it has been drizzling for almost one week every day, and gets dark around 16.00. That weather sadly “hurts” my photography adventures around the city. And this is the reason why I have so many blog posts lately that has to do with cafes, restaurants, food and pastries in Vienna. We just stay inside and nibble!

This is a new Cafe in Vienna, called Gerstner. Well, it’s not exactly new. As far as I know, there was already one finest shop in Kärntner Straße, and the new one is now at the opposite of the Opera. As I was passing by with a friend who came from NY to Vienna for a few days, I noticed that new shop immediately and entered to see what is happening there. What I found is what you can see in the photos above. Enjoy!♥

Blue Danube

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The blue Danube (which is actually not that blue) is an ideal green oasis for those who want to escape the city. Take the metro line U1 and get off either at Alte Donau metro station or at Donauinsel.

What can you do there? Invite your friends and host a barbecue (but remember to reserve a place in advance), have a dinner at the restaurants (I like this one for the atmosphere) and cafes directly on the waterfront, do some water sport or go swimming or jogging, rent a pedal or an electric boat for a super romantic ride on the water or just sit on a bench, relax and gaze at the sunset.
I shouldn’t forget to mention the Donauinselfest, which is an open-air free music festival that takes place every summer and lasts for three days.

On the photos above, I gladly share some snippets of my last visit to the blue Danube.

Creating a positive world

creating a positive world

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

Creating a positive world full of lights can be sometimes harder than expected. But my friends and I in collaboration with the 3 companies who are behind this blog are doing their best to ensure that the vision of this blog is possible. You will probably have noticed some changes on the blog these days, as I purchased the theme (which is actually the one that I was using before with some necessary changes.) So that we are still going to have more positive days, more happy days, more love.

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” -Orison Swett Marden

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